Millions Will Refuse Vaccine

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  May 11, 2020   

Fear that aborted babies will be part of the potion

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DETROIT ( - Whenever a Wuhan virus vaccine is available, as many as one in five Americans will refuse to take it, and an even higher percentage aren't sure if they will take it.

That's according to two polls — one by YouGov and Yahoo News, the other by Morning Consult. The results show that at least 36% of Americans either won't accept the vaccine or are unsure of whether they will take it, and perhaps as many as 45% fall into the "won't take it" or "skeptical" categories.

I will be vaccinated I won't be vaccinated I'm not sure if I will be vaccinated
YouGov/Yahoo News 55% 19% 26%
Morning Consult 64% 14% 22%

Vaccination skepticism has surged with the emergence of the Wuhan virus and the insistence that only the development of a vaccine will make it safe for the world economy to reopen.

Because some political leaders are holding their people hostage with highly restrictive "safety" measures, it is not surprising that opposition to vaccinations breaks down roughly along party lines with Republicans more skeptical than Democrats.

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the Australian press, "A vaccine ultimately enables everybody to go back to life as it was." He further emphasized the importance of the development of a vaccine, calling it the "key focus" of all countries and G20 leaders. He said, "We're all investing everything we can to find that vaccine."

Vaccination Skepticism

Even before the Wuhan virus pandemic, a growing number of Americans were developing a degree of skepticism about vaccines. In October 2019, the Texas Medical Association's website called vaccination "one of the most contentious areas of health policy over the past two decades."

Jenny McCarthy and her son

One of the first and most famous vaccine skeptics was former Playboy Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy who, in the early 2000s, claimed a vaccine was the cause of her son's autism. That theory, while claimed by some to be largely debunked, while others maintain its veracity, remains persistent on the internet.

Setting aside the religious concerns about vaccines and their development, some Americans plan to oppose any vaccine that comes out of China, especially if its vaccine is anything like its faulty ventilators. A headline tells the story: "Hundreds of ventilators UK bought from China 'are wrong type and could kill patients if used.'" Likewise, various test kits from China also failed.

China is a contender in the race for the vaccine. On May 9, The Times of India reported "Chinese scientists have claimed they have successfully tested the country's first vaccine against COVID-19 in monkeys, which is a significant development in the race to find a cure for the COVID-19 virus."

Another recent source feeding vaccination skepticism is Dr. Judy Mikovits who is the former colleague of Dr. Anthony Fauci and is the subject of producer Mikki Willis' documentary Plandemic. Sources say the viral video has been banned by both Facebook and YouTube, but Church Militant couldn't corroborate that claim.

As of press time, Mikovits' book, Plague of Corruption, was #4 on Amazon's list of best-selling books.

Catholic Opposition to Vaccines

For Catholics, the primary concern with vaccines is the use of aborted fetuses in their development. Georgetown University's Bioethics News confirms that aborted fetuses have indeed been used for decades in vaccinations.

According to their publication, "Some of the vaccines currently used to prevent diseases such as rubella, measles, rabies, poliomyelitis, hepatitis A, chickenpox or smallpox are produced using tissues from human abortions."

Georgetown University's Bioethics News confirms that aborted fetuses have indeed been used for decades in vaccinations.

The aborted fetal cell tissue most widely used in the development of vaccines can be biologically traced to two humans — a nine-week-old girl aborted in 1962 and a fourteen-week-old boy aborted in 1966.

Georgetown ethicists say Catholics must ask themselves whether it is immoral or hypocritical to benefit from something that is condemned as an evil.

The Pontifical Academy for Life points out that there is a grave responsibility to use alternative vaccines not linked to procured abortions in their production, and when these do not exist, their use is licit but everything possible must be done to obtain an alternative vaccine.

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