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by Joseph Enders  •  •  June 28, 2021   

Vatican ignores China's oppression of Hong Kong

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VATICAN CITY ( - The Vatican's foreign minister has little to say on Communist China's human rights violations in Hong Kong.

Abp. Paul Gallagher

Archbishop Paul Gallagher, during a Holy See press conference on Friday, admitted the Vatican will remain silent concerning China's oppression of Hong Kong.

"Obviously Hong Kong is the object of concern for us. Lebanon is a place where we perceive that we can make a positive contribution. We do not perceive that in Hong Kong," explained Gallagher.

He continued: "One can say a lot of, shall we say, appropriate words that would be appreciated by the international press and by many parts of the world, but I — and, I think, many of my colleagues — have yet to be convinced that it would make any difference whatever."

Gallagher has consistently spoken against what he claims to be "grandstanding" statements — claiming they are counterproductive. Back in March, the archbishop soft-peddled China's control of Hong Kong to The Standard, a Hong Kong newspaper.

"I think you will find it true that the Holy See does not have a policy, a diplomatic policy, of denunciation almost anywhere in the world, and there are human rights abuses in many, many countries," Gallagher elaborated.

Silence Bought and Paid For?

His comments come only days after the anti-communist newspaper Apple Daily was forcibly shut down by government authorities. The publication on Thursday released its final printed edition.

Catholic billionaire Jimmy Lai

The paper is owned by Catholic billionaire Jimmy Lai, who is currently serving two separate 14-month sentences on trumped-up charges launched by the Beijing-infiltrated Hong Kong authorities. The government claims Lai attended an unapproved pro-democracy protest last October, and also organized other so-called dissident rallies in 2019.

Critics are outraged by the Vatican's silence. Some allege the secretive Vatican-China Deal is the actual reason it is distancing itself from criticizing communist China's human rights abuses in Hong Kong.

Some experts believe the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) paid off the Holy See — claiming the CCP has been sending it $2 billion a year since 2013 to leverage Italy through both the Vatican and European Union.

The deal is partially credited to disgraced homopredator Theodore McCarrick, who played an unofficial, yet instrumental, role in organizing the initial pact in 2018 after having visited China at least eight times over 20 years. He often stayed at CCP-infiltrated seminaries during these trips.

Zen: Whistleblower on China

A vocal critic of this deal is retired Hong Kong prelate Cdl. Joseph Zen. In February 2020, the cardinal explained to Church Militant how the Vatican essentially abandoned the underground Catholic Church for CCP-approved communist church:

The first step was that secret agreement [Vatican-China agreement] for the selection of bishops, and then the legitimization of the seven excommunicated bishops — asking the legitimate underground bishops to step down — and then, last June came out that document — the so-called pastoral guidance encouraging people to join the [communist-run Catholic] Patriotic Association.

When the Holy See renewed the agreement in November, Zen reiterated: "The Vatican got nothing, while China received everything."

Cdl. Joseph Zen explains the dire situation for Catholics in China as part of the Vatican "sellout"

The consequences of the Vatican's silence on the CCP's persecution of Hong Kong Catholics and anti-communists are unknowable. But what is known is that Vatican silence is unlikely to improve the situation — leaving the issue completely unresolved for the time being.

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