Miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 9, 2019   

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Las Lajas continue to defy scientific explanation

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By Fr. Paul John Kalchik

With the battle gearing up, it is imperative that the troops, the faithful remnant, be fully armed and ready to go to war. Alarm bells are ringing, and once the battle is raging in full, there will no longer be time to arm the troops with the weapons needed to win. Hint: Take the steps necessary today to check your guns, sharpen your swords and restock ammunitions.

Battles are won by armies with the best generals. In our current conflict, our chief general is the Blessed Virgin Mary. She has the proven battle experience to meet the challenge before the Church today and has already put into place auxiliary commanders to lead battalions to victory.

Today, all faithful disciples need to immediately arm themselves. And our principal weapon against the battalions of the evil one is our general, the Blessed Mother. Let me repeat: Our principal weapon against the battalions of the evil one is Our Blessed Mother! As many saints of the Church have heralded over the ages, there is no other sure-fire way of sending the devil packing than a "Hail Mary" said by a sincere disciple.


As St. Paul said, in the praise of God, the devil will flee. When the Nazis tried to starve St. Maximilian Kolbe, he staved off death by praying one Rosary after another, day after day, one week after another, and continued to thrive. As the record shows, in the end, the Nazis had to kill St. Maximilian by injecting him with carbolic acid, as neither dehydration nor starvation could kill him.

So saying your Hail Marys and your Rosary is one of your principal armaments, your double-edged sword! Now, let me tell you about some not-so-known-about weapons. There are two Marian apparitions all the disciples need to know about through and through to use to fight the atheists, the Freemasons, the devil worshipers and wake up the indifferent! The weapon here is knowledge and that wisdom that comes from having it.

What Marian apparitions am I talking about here? I speak of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico) and Our Lady of Las Lajas (Columbia). Both of these apparitions are of utmost importance to faithful disciples today. And our full knowledge of these two phenomenal apparitions and the dissemination of this information will win the battle for us today and millions of souls will be saved — millions of souls will be saved. And I am not making an overstatement.

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Unexplained Miracle

Although most know about the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe which took place in Mexico during the early 16th century, most disciples do not fully comprehend the true importance of this "everlasting miracle." Here is ongoing proof of a heavenly intervention that cannot be explained away, but is misrepresented or ignored by mainstream media. This is not a coincidence, and this is not by accident, but by design.

The apparitions, by their very nature, cannot be contained, cannot be hushed up and undone. But, they can be misrepresented, re-told in purposeful ways to downplay their true message and importance. And this has been done in both the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe as well as the apparition of Our Lady of Las Lajas.

And if you are asking yourself as you read this, what's this apparition of Our Lady of Las Lajas? Count yourself as one deceived, as the atheists, Freemasons and devil worshipers who have controlled the news for centuries, have done a phenomenal job of totally suppressing knowledge of this apparition. But this censorship ends today!

The enemy uses weak men and women in the media and other venues to downplay the phenomenal importance of these apparitions. They treat them as fairy tales and do not report the science that backs up the miraculous.

The enemy uses weak men and women in the media and other venues to downplay the phenomenal importance of these apparitions.

Brush all of that to the side, move out of your mind all that you have heard about Our Lady of Guadalupe, all that "it's a Mexican thing and such" and with me look afresh at the "everlasting miracle" which is the icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a picture Mary gave to the world, of herself, for all ages, and not just for the Mexican people.


Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in

Mexico City, Mexico

I use the word everlasting here purposely as there is no scientific reason known to man why this image continues to exist. Think of it for a moment. It is a 487-year-old image of the Blessed Virgin Mary on a piece of cactus cloth which, despite the passage of centuries, continues to pristinely portray the pregnant Mother of God, an image of Our Lady which is brighter than the sun and overshadows the moon.

Scientists have over the centuries tried to explain how such an image could have been made and failed. Moreover, with time's passage, all other examples of cactus cloth have dissolved to dust and are no more. Yet, Mary's portrait of Herself for humanity remains a pristine portrait, shining, beautiful, year after year, century after century.

What is the significance of this for the foot soldier, for the disciple of Christ in this great battle? It is an ongoing, everlasting miracle, a great sign to all of us that "eternity" is a real thing, and that there is someone supernatural and eternal in control.

As we read in the Book of Isaiah (25:7), "On this mountain He will destroy the veil that veils all peoples, the web that is woven over all nations he will destroy death forever."

Take note, all naysayers to the reality of God and to His Son, Jesus Christ. Eternity and eternal life are real things and in the eternal miracle of the icon of Guadalupe, nothing remains veiled. Any person can go to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Tepeyac in Mexico City today and see this portrait for his or herself, the picture of Our Lady that does not die.

Oh, did I mention that evil forces and people have repeatedly tried to destroy this portrait? They all failed. Neither earthquake and the basilica falling into dust and ruin, nor an anarchist's bombing spree proved suitable weapons to destroy the portrait.

Paradoxically, these attempts at the portrait's destruction proved to authenticate its authorship, how it is God that continues to sustain its existence and ensures its preservation through the ages.

Arm yourselves, disciples; the Blessed Virgin Mary is our general, and She has given all of us a picture of Herself to use. Unlike the photos that soldiers kept of their loved ones in their pockets in past wars, this photo will not be destroyed by any force of this world.

And in the skirmishes that are to come, when an atheist or a devil worshiper gets in your face, spouting their lies, bring out Mary's portrait: "You asked for a proof of God, I've got one for you. God has a mother and Her name is Mary. Let me tell you how this picture came to be."

Next segment forthcoming: "Our Lady of Las Lajas: Miracle Imprinted in Stone"

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