UK Police Drop Investigation Into Catholic Mom Accused of ‘Misgendering’

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by Anita Carey  •  •  April 1, 2019   

British politician demands investigation into police over heavy-handed tactics

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LONDON ( - Police dropped the "misgendering" investigation into a Catholic mother while she and her children are being threatened on social media.

After being questioned by the police, Caroline Farrow, a Catholic journalist and mother of five children, will face no further charges for the claim she violated the U.K. Malicious Communications Act of 2003 for comments she made on Twitter.

On March 22, her accuser, Susie Green, withdrew her complaint, and the investigation was dropped.  

Ann Widdecombe, a former member of Parliament, sided with Farrow. In a Daily Express column, she blasted the Surrey police for wasting resources, saying, "Surrey police need never again plead that they are short of cash or manpower, having spent five months investigating a woman who 'misgendered' someone on Twitter." 

Further, Widdecombe suggested the police department be investigated, saying, "The woman in question, Caroline Farrow, is a devout Catholic, so why doesn't somebody investigate the Surrey police for religious discrimination? Just a thought." 

Farrow also says her husband, a Catholic priest, and her children's school has been doxxed.

Farrow agreed to appear on Good Morning Britain on March 25 and faced heavy criticism from the hosts for her tone of the debate. 

Farrow explained that the police were questioning her over a series of tweets that she was accused of "misgendering," knowing she was being stalked and threatened online:

I couldn't believe that I was going to be interviewed under caution for 'misgendering,' which is not a crime, and at the same time, Surrey police were very well aware I have been the subject of a horrendous campaign of stalking and intimidation that went way above and beyond anything I had, and I had done nothing.

In one tweet, [warning: graphic language], she claims, "Trans-activists and soi-dissent liberal 'Catholics' have approvingly referred me to this site which discusses disfiguring mine & my children's faces with acid." 

Other tweets Farrow included in her Twitter feed show crass and rude personal attacks against her.

Farrow told the show host, Piers Morgan, that she was afraid she was going to be a "test case" for the Malicious Communications Act. Farrow reiterated her claim that she was not targeting Susie Green. In her tweets, she called out Green's charity for assisting gender-dysphoric children, Mermaids, to be challenged. Farrow called the gender-reassignment surgery Green allowed on her 16-year-old child "castration" and "child abuse."

"This is political, not personal," Farrow explained. "Susie Green is a political figure who runs a lobby group which has access to Westminster which influences local educational authority policy which influences the police, which influences public policy in this country."

"The problem is Susie Green uses her child as advocacy for her lobby group," Farrow said.

Farrow's discussion was interrupted by Susanna Reid, another show host, who said that Green and her daughter were caused distress by the tweets and asked, "Is there a way to talk about these issues without inflammatory language?" 

Farrow said she didn't talk about anything that wasn't in the public domain and then brought up the BBC documentary where Green snickered about her child's genitals being shrunken by all the cross-sex hormones.  

Morgan dismissed the concerns about Green laughing about her son's shrunken genitals and said it was her right to talk about her child any way she wants, adding he was glad the charges were dropped. 

"I think the idea that to misgender somebody is a criminal offense worthy of police investigation, given all the resource issues that police have in this country, is ridiculous," he said.  

We need to have a clear and honest and open discussion this is what is being advocated for.

"The whole transgender debate is extremely factious at the moment. Everyone on all sides gets very animated," Morgan said. He advocated for less aggressiveness on both sides and said that "Catholics, who have a particular religiously based view about these things" should also watch their aggressiveness in the debate.

Farrow clarified that her position isn't just based on her Catholic faith, but based on science and evidence. She said the British people were accommodating of transgendered people almost to their detriment:

There is so much euphemism in this area. We talk about "gender affirmation surgery" and "bottom surgery"' I wanted to be very clear what is being advocated for children — castration is the removal of the testes. This happens in reassignment surgery. The other thing that happens it that actually when it's done so early, it's recommended this procedure needs to be repeated every 10 years and it uses a section of the bowel and eventually, somebody ends up needing a new bowel.

"This is really dangerous," Farrow added.  

Farrow was interrupted several times by Reid, who ended the segment with an implication that Farrow was guilty of a malicious message. 

"What people are concerned about is if you repeatedly target an individual and call on other people to do the same, and use language which is, frankly, insensitive ... it's hurtful and there's no need for that," Reid said.  

"The truth is the truth," Farrow said. "We need to have a clear and honest and open discussion this is what is being advocated for." 

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