Demonizing the Faithful

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  October 17, 2018   

Archbishop Sheen: 'Do you hate sin? Then you love God.'

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Leftists inside and outside the Church love to accuse the Right of hating them. Faithful Catholics, however, hate the sins because they harm the very sinners who Catholics are called to love.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen reminds people that God actually calls everyone to hate evil just as He calls all people to love every person.

It is not hatred that is wrong, it is hating the wrong thing that is wrong. It is not anger that is wrong, it is being angry at the wrong thing that is wrong. Tell me your enemy, and I will tell you what you are. Tell me your hatred, and I will tell you your character. Do you hate religion? Then your conscience bothers you.

Left-leaning clerics like Fr. James Martin play the hate card religiously in order to sidetrack and ultimately shutdown authentic discussion — especially discussions touching those Catholic teachings that they reject. Even though the Left brands all hate as immoral, it's worth noting that hatred of evil is actually something God sees as necessary in man's spiritual life. Sheen points out this fact and backs up his insight with scripture.

"Do you hate sin," asks Sheen. "Then you love God. Do you hate your hate, your selfishness, your quick temper, your wickedness? Then you are a good soul, for 'if any man come to me … and hate not his own life, he cannot be my disciple' (Luke 14:26)."

Faithful Catholics are called to love their enemies, which includes hating the sins that keep them from loving God and neighbor. Wanting to free sinners from their sinful chains needs to be understood by the Fr. James Martins of the world as an authentic form of love. Letting people remain chained by sins is not a form of love, but, rather, is the real form of hate. 

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