Monster of the Bishops’ Making

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  •  January 21, 2022   

Paving the road to destruction

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The stage for Beijing Biden's rise to unelected power as a self-identifying Catholic was set decades ago by wayward prelates. The U.S. bishops' conference, or USCCB, handles fake Catholics like Biden with kid gloves, refusing to enforce canon 915 and even helping champion many so-called progressive policies. Church Militant's William Mahoney investigates the politically left foundations on which the USCCB was built and continues to operate.

George Neumayr, senior editor, American Spectator: "He rose to the presidency not in spite of the bishops but because of them. ... Joe Biden is a monster of their own making."

Sexually perverted, anti-Catholic prelates Cdl. John Dearden and Cdl. Joseph Bernardin cleared the way for the USCCB to travel the wide road that leads to perdition. 

In 1966, Dearden was the first president of the newly formed National Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Bernardin was its first general secretary. The national conference was consolidated with the U.S. Catholic Conference in 2001 to make the USCCB.

While Dearden publicly endorsed dissent on Catholic teaching, Bernardin was more crafty, adopting a "seamless garment" theory to undermine the Church's moral teaching on human sexuality.

Since its inception, the bishops' conference was soft, almost silent, on contraception and abortion, paving the way for softness on other moral evils, while embracing politically Left agendas like climate change. This downplaying of actual moral evils in favor of imaginary ones has aligned the bishops more with Democrats than with the Bride of Christ.

Fr. James Altman: "You cannot be a Democrat and Catholic. Period."

In 2004, then-cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Church's doctrinal watchdog, sent a letter to the USCCB instructing them to inform fake-Catholic politicians not to present themselves for Communion.

The letter was received by ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a homosexual pederast and power broker in the politics of Church and State, who misrepresented Ratzinger's message and urged "persuasion, not penalties" for fake-Catholic politicians.

Ignoring the Church's law has become common practice among the bishops, like Biden's former prelate in Delaware, retired bishop William Malooly, who allowed Biden to receive the Eucharist.

So far, Biden's new bishop, William Koenig, is no different, having hemmed and hawed on the Biden–Communion question during his first press conference.

Bp. William Koenig, diocese of Wilmington: "I would certainly be open to having a conversation in the future with him. But, as a bishop, I'm called to teach the fullness and the beauty of the Catholic faith."

Moreover, Pope Francis signaled American bishops should not ban phony-Catholic politicians like Biden from the Eucharist, basically telling the conference to ignore Church law. 

Abp. Wilton Gregory, diocese of Washington: "I was very fortunate to have served for 10 years as the auxiliary bishop for Joseph Cardinal Bernardin."

With Francis and U.S. bishops in lockstep with each other on just about everything but authentic Catholic teaching, it looks the current hierarchy will continue to give Biden and his ilk a free pass.

Stay tuned for the next In-Depth Report, where Church Militant explores the connection between Biden, the hierarchy and communist China.

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