Colorado Kids’ Drag Show Draws Antifa Support

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by Anita Carey  •  •  September 30, 2019   

'Drag For All Ages' show billed as a safe space for budding talent

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DENVER ( - A drag show for children at a Denver comic store drew protests from the Right, the Left and the religious.

On Sunday, Mile High Comics in Denver, Colorado, hosted its monthly "Drag For All Ages" show amid protests from the Left and the Right. The Denver Post reported around 100 people attended the event despite 60 protesters and supporters squaring off.

The Colorado Proud Boys have been protesting at these events since they started in February. A spokesman for Colorado Proud Boys said they support LGBTQ rights but are opposed to drag shows and sexualization of children.

Demonstrations have been intensifying as the shows continue. Sunday's show was no exception, owing to the presence of a group of Antifa members that showed up in response to the Proud Boys' attendance.

An unnamed Antifa member said he and others in his group were defenders of LGBTQ rights and children against white supremacists, Nazis and other "predators" who are demanding an end to the drag show.

"We're here because the Proud Boys and Nazis are here," he said, adding, anonymity is "a policy of anarchy."

"This isn't good for children," another man, a self-described Catholic, told The Denver Post. "There are men. There are women. To encourage children to dress and pretend to be something they are not doesn't help children become more fully human."

He explained he was motivated to pray for the children inside.

Antifa has been increasingly supporting drag events. In June, four thugs harassed and attempted to dox several women who were attempting to document a drag event for kids at a public library.

The event offered free flavored condoms, lubrication and explicit how-to guides and a table sponsored by Planned Parenthood.

The women were most horrified by the raffle for eight chest binders to flatten developing girls, noting there are several negative health effects, including fatal ones, associated with chest binder use.

An Antifa group, ATX Resistance Action, also vowed to protect a drag event at a Texas library in Leander, Texas, in June hosted by the Open Cathedral Church. [warning: explicit]

Transgender activist posing as a priest

The event featured Valeri Jinxy, who has performed in a troupe called "Poo Poo Platter" — a group that uses a significant amount of satanic imagery in their shows.

Drag queens often mock the Catholic faith and religious imagery with their costumes and stage names. IICE leadership features a College of Cardinals, and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a group of men that dress up like nuns as a way to advocate for transgender rights.

Houston MassResistance has been investigating and exposing the drag queens as sexual deviants and predators. They have learned no fewer than three drag performers have had sexual assault convictions against children.

The children performing ranged in age from 7 to 12, and participants were shielded by a "parasol patrol" of LGBT activists who blocked the attendees with a wall of umbrellas. Additionally, a fence was erected around the building and draped with alternating U.S. and rainbow flags.

Show coordinator "Jessica L'Whor" praised the Denver police for keeping the peace, and "Miss Jessica" said the conflict is uniting the transgender community but doesn't want the protests.

"Antifa is nothing that we requested. I'd like them to go away. We'd like them all to go away," Miss Jessica said. "Fighting fire with more fire is not going to bring a resolution to this."

This is the seventh monthly Drag For All Ages show held at the comic book warehouse. In February, Mile High Comics owner Chuck Rozanski had a coming out of sorts and announced he would be hosting a drag show for all ages with the proceeds going to support the White Rose Scholarship Foundation.

Rozanski also debuted his persona, "Bettie Pages."

The White Rose Scholarship is a program of the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire (ICRME) that bills itself as "the oldest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered organization in the state of Colorado."

ICRME is a chapter of the International Imperial Court System, a gay rights advocacy group working to advance legislation in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Rozanski claimed in a Facebook post there were "[w]ell over 300 parents and children" and they collected around $2,000 for the scholarship fund.

In an interview with Westword, Rozanski explained that he started the drag events for young people who don't have a "safe space" to "showcase their budding talents."

How this happened to me at such a late age is beyond my understanding.

Rozanski explained he was approached by Jessica L'Whor, who wanted to find a venue for underaged drag performers who were being excluded from performing at bars.

He explained his support for the transgender community emerged after he suffered a "massive brain infection" in 2009. He nearly died after he had untreated brain swelling for more than 40 days. That illness left him with damaged cognitive abilities.

Chuck Rozanski, Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Karina Samala

After his health recovered, he was prescribed travel and he met a lesbian girl who became his personal assistant and caregiver.

She took him to gay bars, and after experiencing the "fascinating and incredibly exciting world," he said, "I was drawn to all the beautiful drag queens that I met, and ultimately realized that I desperately wanted to become a queen."

He explained his desire to perform as Bettie Pages was a manifestation of his realization that he is now gender-fluid.

"How this happened to me at such a late age is beyond my understanding, but Bettie is now just as much a part of who I am as is Charles/Chuck," Rozanski admitted.

Rozanski also attended the Transgender Visibility March in Washington, D.C. on Saturday and traveled to the U.S. Capitol with IICS empress Karina Samala and met with U.S. representatives to "advocate for critical Transgender causes."

Mile High Comics holds the Drag For All Ages events at 6 p.m. on the first Sunday of every month.

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