Montreal Priest’s Attacker Charged

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by Church Militant  •  •  March 23, 2019   

Vlad Cristian Eremia charged with attempted murder and assault with a weapon

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By William Mahoney, Ph.D.

The man who attacked Fr. Claude Grou while the priest was offering Mass at St. Joseph's Oratory Thursday has been charged with attempted murder and assault with a weapon.

Vlad Cristian Eremia, 26, was arraigned on Saturday. He is scheduled for a bail hearing on Monday, but prosecutors have requested that he receive a psychological evaluation and be kept in custody until then.  

According to Le Journal de Montréal, Eremia was granted an absolute discharge in 2017 in connection with a criminal harassment case.

In 2016, he declared bankruptcy with more than $16,000 in debt.

Father Grou was sent home from the hospital on Friday. He holds no resentment towards his attacker, saying in a statement, "I hope he has all the support he needs and that he finds peace."

"My health is good and I'm recovering from my emotions," he said.

Father Grou also expressed his wishes that the Oratary remain open.

"I pray that St. Joseph's Oratory will remain a place of welcome, prayer, calm and peace — as it has been for over 100 years — and I look forward to returning to work," he said.

Eremia's motives remain unclear.


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