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by Joseph Gallagher  •  •  January 5, 2022   

Irish archbishop lauds upcoming Vatican synod

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An Irish archbishop is predicting that "radical change is coming in the Church," referring to Pope Francis' upcoming Synod on Synodality. Joe Gallagher explains what's behind this comment.

Dublin's archbishop, Dermot Farrell, is looking forward to radical change, saying in an interview published Monday, "We are going to experience a renewal of energy and the adoption of new forms of outreach and ministry." He's referring to the Vatican's 2023 meeting of bishops asking people around the world to determine the direction the Church is headed.

Pope Francis claimed earlier that synodality will be key for the Church in the future and that "synodality is a style; it is a walk together and it is what the Lord expects from the Church of the third millennium." 

But faithful Catholics see it as a plot to redefine Church teaching, especially with the opinions of non-Catholics and people living evil lifestyles being given priority over the faithful.

Farrell reflected, "Pope Francis is offering us a way of being Church." In August, Farrell observed the Catholic faith in Ireland "has, for all intents and purposes, vanished" and that the "underlying crisis of faith" was "particularly acute among the younger generations."

Ireland is not alone. Over the last 60 years, Catholicism in the West has withered. German bishops have begun their own synodal process to redefine Church teaching on the priesthood, marriage and sexual morality, and Australia is headed in the same direction. 

Pope Francis has often decried so-called "rigidity" and "judgmentalism" in clergymen and the faithful. Coupled with this, the recent push to seek out the opinions of so-called LGBT Catholics speaks volumes about the confusion attached to this pontificate.

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