Mother Angelica: “I’m So Tired of You Liberal Church in America!”

by Church Militant  •  •  April 21, 2015   

Celebrating Mother Angelica's 92nd birthday by airing her best sound bytes against the liberal church

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Mother Angelica, the founder of EWTN (who celebrated her 92nd birthday this Monday), came out swinging against the liberal Church establishment in 1993 with a broadcast titled “The Hidden Agenda.” In it, she lamented the destruction of the Faith caused by unfaithful priests, bishops and religious communities. For years she had seen and experienced the wounds of the “Great Apostasy,“a term coined by her beloved Pope Saint John Paul II. The state of affairs in the Church in America was a continual source of pain and resentment for her. The 1993 World Youth Day, where the role of Jesus was played by a woman for the Stations of the Cross, was too much for Mother. Below is a short clip of Mother staking her claim in the One True Faith and condemning the liberal and New Age spirituality that came into the Church in America after Vatican II.

After this broadcast, Mother Angelica made good on her statement: Her religious community donned the traditional habit we have all come to know and love. More than any other, Mother Angelica became the voice of faithful Catholics in America. Her zeal and refusal to back down in the face of opposition from the liberal Church hierarchy has set the bar high. This week we honor her efforts and take up anew the cause of a faithful Catholic media: to inform the laity and keep the Faith alive in the face of corruption from those in the hierarchy operating in the spirit of Judas.


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