Movie Tackles 2020 Election Integrity

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  May 12, 2022   

'2000 Mules' a howdunit

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2000 Mules, a documentary on 2020 election fraud, is off to a strong start, grossing more than $1 million in its first 12 hours of streaming.

In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb identifies the movie's key findings and addresses the controversy.

2000 Mules is a movie for every American who is not ready to just move on from the 2020 election.

While Dinesh D'Souza directs the film and gets more screen time, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht is the for-real superheroine.

For months, Engelbrecht and her data-busting sidekick, Gregg Phillips, holed up in a secret warehouse with a team of computer geeks and focused specifically on ballot drop boxes.

Englebrecht: "We have been working on something big. Can we meet? I've been working with Gregg Phillips. He has a deep background in election intelligence."

They used mobile phone data and ballot drop box video surveillance footage to document who was going to the drop boxes and how often.

D'Souza: "What is a mule?"

Engelbrecht: "A person picking up ballots and running them to the drop boxes."

Phillips: "This isn't grandma out walkin' her dog. Bad backgrounds, bad reputations. They are interested in one thing. That's money."

With over 4 million minutes of video footage, True the Vote documents a shocking level of illegal activity.

Engelbrecht: "In one night, this person, this mule, went across six counties to 27 different drop boxes."

Naturally, the film and True the Vote's methodology have generated their share of detractors.

In a livestream Q&A on his Locals channel, D'Souza directly addressed the claim that mobile phone data is unreliable.


These fact-checkers are idiots. They are 20-somethings that are talking to, like, third-rate academics who are talking about geotracking just like they might be talking about GPS circa 2001. Of course, GPS then was kind of crude and inaccurate, but GPS now is much more accurate. And cell phone geotracking, today, I'm told, is accurate to within 12- to 18 inches. 

But D'Souza isn't the only one taking heat. So are Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

Dennis Prager, founder, PragerU: "They have ruined Election Day in the United States of America. That's provable."

The film's popularity suggests many Americans aren't ready to forget the highly suspect 2020 election results, even though social media long ago banned them from discussing the matter.

Other players coming under scrutiny are the not-for-profit organizations that collected the ballots and distributed them to the mules.

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