Muslim-Turned-Protestants Disrupt Catholic Masses, Tell Faithful to Repent

by Church Militant  •  •  December 10, 2015   

"Pope, Mary's statue and idols gonna' send you to Hell!"

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LAS VEGAS ( - A group of Muslim converts to Christianity has been disrupting Catholic Masses in Las Vegas, ordering parishioners to "repent."

The group, Koosha Las Vegas, has entered several Catholic churches across the Las Vegas Valley and interrupted the Mass, instructing people to turn away from Catholicism. The incidents are leaving parishioners terrified and fearing for their lives.

In videos posted by Koosha Las Vegas to YouTube, four self-proclaimed Muslims-turned-Protestants are shown walking down the center aisle handing out brochures at Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic Church on December 5. One of the men interrupts the homily by saying, "The most important thing, folks, is you need to reconcile with the living God of the Bible. The God of the Bible is a holy God. We've sinned against Him, broken all His laws."

He then goes on to state that Jesus Christ came to save sinners by "dying one time on the Cross" before calling the "anti-Christ Eucharist" an abomination to God and asserting that Jesus Christ does not turn "into a wafer ... or wine."

The videographer can be heard commenting on the "statues everywhere" before he begins commanding the congregation to "turn to Jesus Christ" and "stop worshipping to the idols [sic]," claiming that both the Pope and statues of Our Lady are "a Satan."

As the protesters are escorted out of the church, he shouts,

Stop worshipping to the idols! Idols not gonna' save you! You need Jesus Christ! You need the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Pope, Mary's statue and idols gonna' send you to Hell! Come to Christ today! Turn to Jesus! Jesus is the only hope! Jesus is the only Savior! Your religion not gonna' save you!

After the videographer leaves the church, he tells a passerby on the street "Praise the Lord. Ma'am, turn to Jesus, don't go to Catholics."

Parishioners told local news stations the experience was unsettling, given the recent increases in acts of terror throughout the world.
A spokesman for the group told local news that while they did not intend to make anyone fear for their lives, the parishioners should be afraid of "dying without Jesus Christ, and dying in their sins."
"They are in jeopardy, OK, they need to be right with God, come to the biblical Christ. So the language used there is correct. The pope is a Satan; I don't know if he [the videographer] has an accent, a language barrier, but the Pope is a false prophet," the spokesman continued.
The diocese of Las Vegas has reported "multiple disturbances at several of their properties," a claim backed by police, who have confirmed at least three incidents have occurred at various parishes.
The members of the group, who prefer to be referred to as "brothers and sisters in Christ," also protested outside of Bishop Gorman Catholic School on December 2, carrying signs that declared "Roman Catholicism is an abomination to the Lord" and "The Pope is an anti-Christ." The protest was met with opposition from parents of students, who confronted the group and honked their horns in an attempt to drown out the protest.
Authorities stated they have examined the incidents and believe there is no credible evidence of a terrorist threat and that no arrests were made, as apparently no crime was committed.
However, this claim is contested by local crime expert Randy Sutton, referencing a Nevada statute that prohibits disturbing a "religious meeting."
"It's a misdemeanor crime, but it is a crime nonetheless," he said. "It's on the books for just types of situations like this. There are statutes that could be utilized to end this type of behavior."
Sutton also noted that, should the protesters refuse to leave the church premises after being asked to do so, they can be charged with trespassing.
The Koosha Las Vegas YouTube channel contains several other videos of public protests throughout the Las Vegas area.


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