Muslims Threaten to Pray in the Vatican

by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  November 15, 2016   

Muslims reacting to closing of unofficial mosques throughout Italy

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ROME ( - Muslims are threatening to march to the Vatican if the Italian government doesn't stop closing their mosques.

Italian authorities have been cracking down on unsanctioned mosques throughout Rome, citing land use, safety and building violations. One of the real reasons, however, is that they make it difficult or impossible to screen for extremism and terrorism.

In October thousands of Muslims protested outside of the Roman Colosseum, demanding that they be left alone to gather when and where they want.

Italy is home to the largest Muslim immigrant population in Europe and is a stepping stone for illegal immigrants into other European countries like Germany and Great Britain. More than 40 percent of Italy's illegal immigrants are Muslim, pouring in from Libya by taking boats across the Mediterranean. In addition, in 2016 alone, nearly 90,000 refugees have come to Italy.

Europe is being inundated by Muslim refugees, with estimates that more than 20,000 of the 500,000 refugees may be ISIS agents. With war raging in Syria, Europeans are being told refugees are fleeing the war. But numbers show 80 percent of refugees pouring into Europe aren't from Syria at all.

Hundreds have been deported or arrested for supporting ISIS. In December 2015 several were arrested for planning to kill Pope Francis at the Vatican and in April 2016 four more were arrested.

Muslims have caused trouble in the country, destroying crucifixes and defacing and beheading statues. In Bologna a statue of St. Petronius, the patron of the city, was spray-painted "Allah akbar."

In June at a Catholic parish in northwestern Italy, parishioners were told to pray the Rosary silently so the Muslim migrants living in the church would not be offended. The parish priest instead took the parishioners to another church close by where they could pray out loud.

Galeazzo Bignami, regional leader of center-right party Forza Italia, warned Italians, "If we continue to show ourselves as extremely tolerant, welcoming, permissive, if we continue to say they are all unfortunate and desperate refugees, if we continue to allow them all to come indiscriminately, this is what will continue to happen."

He continued, "They start by writing blasphemies on our statues, and we will likely end up like guests in our own home."

Pamela Geller, editor and publisher of the Geller Report, told Church Militant that Muslim demonstrations are "a gesture of defiance and a proclamation, in the cry of 'Allahu akbar' (Allah is greater), of the superiority of Islam and its ultimate victory over Christianity."


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