New Accuser Targets Pell

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by David Nussman  •  •  April 14, 2020   

Cardinal's supporters warn of 'witch hunt'

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Just after Cdl. George Pell was released from Australian prison, police are investigating him again for yet another child sex abuse allegation.

Cardinal Pell was freed from prison after 13 months last week, when Australia's High Court overturned his abuse conviction. He has faced continued death threats since his release.

According to reports, the new accuser claims Cdl. Pell abused him in the 1970s, when Pell was a parish priest.

Already, some are casting doubt on the latest accusation, just as they did with the allegation that got him convicted.

For instance, Sky News anchor Andrew Bolt believes the new claim is part of a witch hunt against the cardinal.

Bolt: "The timing stinks. I smell a giant rat. ... Bear this in mind: Police have tried 26 times to jail George Pell using nine different alleged victims that it advertised for to come forward — a process that is highly suspect in itself."

Bolt recently interviewed Cdl. Pell on his conviction, his time in prison and his release.

Pell: "Quite a number of prisoners said to me it's the only time — and some of them had been there a long time — they'd ever heard anybody, any prisoners, taking the side of a priest who was convicted of pedophilia."

Pell was the most senior Catholic clergyman to be convicted of child sex abuse. With this newest abuse claim, the cardinal's supporters fear the legal battles will never stop.

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