Documentary Tells Stories of Ex-Transgenders

by Trey Elmore  •  •  May 30, 2017   

Producer David Kyle Foster is the target of gay activists for his politically incorrect narrative

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DETROIT ( - David Kyle Foster of Pure Passion TV is releasing a new documentary, chronicling the experiences of several ex-transgender people. The documentary, to be released on June 15, is called TranZformed: Finding Peace With Your God-Given Gender.

Foster, a Protestant and former homosexual who has recaptured a heterosexual orientation, has produced hundreds of programs for Pure Passion, which reaches out to people in the homosexual lifestyle, inviting them to repentance and change of life. He told Church Militant, however, hundreds of Pure Passion TV's videos have been yanked from a major video platform after pressure from homosexual activists.

"We're still on YouTube," he told Church Militant, "but the gay activists have contacted me, assuring me they're going to make YouTube take us down as well — Facebook and everybody else. So we have become the target. We had 850 videos; they took them all down."

"The documentary has 15 former transgendered people," Foster said. "We started out with a little history of transgenderism, going all the way back to 3000 BC. And we bring it into modern history."

We asked Foster what pattern he sees in the lives of the people he interviewed. "Almost all of them, if not all of them, were victims of child sexual abuse," he answered.

Almost all of them, if not all of them, were victims of child sexual abuse.

Foster's film emphasizes the humanity of the people who have escaped the transgender lie and lifestyle. "The message of the film is that people are very broken, they need lots of help," he told Church Militant. "And the last kind of help they should be getting is not what they're getting."

Foster also said he has high hopes for the film's potential impact on the lives of people "who somehow find the video and see people like them come out of the lifestyle."

TranZformed isn't the first of Foster's works taking on the LGBT agenda. Church Militant asked him about his past films and how they compare to this new effort in terms of audience and focus.

Foster replied:

The first one was called Such Were Some of You, and that was 29 former homosexuals telling their story. The second, How Do You Like Me Now?, was for parents and friends of homosexuals. So we interviewed a lot of parents and spouses, and brothers and sisters of homosexuals, and let them tell their stories of how they dealt with their loved ones' poor choices. The first one is directed to homosexuals, the second is directed to the friends and family of homosexuals and the third is directed to transgenders.

We asked Foster about the suicide rate, estimated to be over 40 percent among people suffering from gender dysphoria, and how the choice to undergo so-called sex reassignment surgery impacts the trend of suicide. Foster explained that the suicide trend dips following surgery but begins to climb after regret and the realization of what has been done sets in.

"The surgery didn't fix anything," he said, "it just made it more complicated and cost a lot of money. So there is a depression that sets in after the initial euphoria of achieving their goal."


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