Health Care’s Brave New World

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  May 3, 2022   

Support for families making choices

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The global elitists' manufactured pandemic has had one potentially irreversible outcome — Americans are more skeptical than ever about the health care-industrial complex. Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb checks in with an organization that is helping families sort through their options. 

Doctor Larry Palevsky, holistic pediatrician: "This is a start. This is a huge start. We need a different type of medicine. We don't have it. We need to build it. We don't know what it's going to look like yet."

Michigan for Vaccine Choice is offering parents a new way of thinking about health and wellness.

At the organization's Natural Parenting Conference on Saturday, 13 speakers shared their expertise with a roomful of mostly moms but also dads.

Tasha Shurgin, event coordinator, Michigan for Vaccine Choice:

For me, COVID's been a blessing because we've been able to see what's not working for families, for schools, for our health system. And we've also been able to see what is working better. You know, even if you look at homeschooling, people are pulling their kids out of school at massive rates right now because something just doesn't feel right.

The amount of health care information parents are trying to process is overwhelming. 

Brittany, attendee: "I think everyone's just confused. And I think, even in the natural world, I think they're confused because everyone says different things. You know, even in the natural world, they're divided. I think the division is what confuses people."

Holistic pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky, the event's keynote speaker, believes parents need to regain their confidence in children's ability to heal and in home remedies that have been long forgotten.

Palevsky: "It used to be handed down from great-great-grandmother to great-grandmother to grandmother to mother to daughter. And we have lost the wisdom of taking care of kids when they're sick."

America's health care-industrial complex has been given free rein for decades. But growing numbers of parents are looking for new choices.

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