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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  September 16, 2022   

Indiana University honors pervert

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Statues of America's founders are toppling across the country, but Indiana University has just erected a life-size bronze honoring a new kind of American hero. 

In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb explains why the university is celebrating sex-obsessed zoologist Alfred Kinsey.

Matt Walsh, host, The Matt Walsh Show: "'Equity regarding sexual diversity.' Well that's one way to put it. Another way to put it is that Alfred Kinsey was a deviant lunatic and a pedophile who enjoyed researching 'the orgasms of children and babies.'"

While Kinsey's influence on sexual behavior is not in dispute, opinion over the moral direction of that influence is sharply debated.

Kinsey's mid-20th-century research on human sexuality appeared in two volumes — Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948 and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female in 1953. Together, they were popularly known as "the Kinsey Reports."

Dr. Judith Reisman, American author and Kinsey critic: "We were, up until the end of the Second World War, a conservative Judeo-Christian nation. The turning point for all that was Dr. Alfred Kinsey, his book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, 1948. He was the father of the sexual revolution and therefore the father of everything that has come from that."

Overnight, Kinsey became an unquestioned expert on human sexuality. Reisman was one of the first to look carefully at his work.

Austin Ruse, president, Center for Family and Human Rights: "The first person to ever exercise a genuine and effective takedown of Kinsey was Judith Reisman. And his reputation will forever be scarred because of the work that she did over many years."

Kinsey claimed to have interviewed thousands of men and women. From these interviews, he categorized a range of sexual behaviors that shocked — then emboldened — the American public. 

For example, it was Kinsey in 1948 who claimed 10% of the adult male population was fully homosexual.

But fairly early, Kinsey was criticized because prisoners and prostitutes were overrepresented in his survey population, potentially skewing the data toward deviancy.

Problems with the data were mostly ignored.

It was the data in tables 30–34, about prepubescent boys, that got Reisman's attention.

Reisman: "And I looked at the graphs that he provided — 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 tables — and I said, 'Wait a minute. That's a 2-month-old baby. How does he know a 2-month-old baby did or did not have an orgasm?'"

It was from scrutiny of these tables that the public learned Kinsey and volunteer pedophiles were timing their child abuse using stopwatches.

Indiana University's newest sculpture features America's most well-known voyeur, holding his coded research survey, but without the stopwatch he held while sexually assaulting children.

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine in 1952, called Kinsey the "researcher" and himself the "pamphleteer."

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