Planned Parenthood’s Lies Exposed — Again

by Anita Carey  •  •  November 9, 2017   

David Daleiden: "Any defense Planned Parenthood had is now totally discredited"

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IRVINE, Calif. ( - An employee of Planned Parenthood's middleman company is exposing the abortion giant's lies.

The latest series of videos released by David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) debunks the claims that Planned Parenthood did not profit from sales of aborted baby parts. A whistleblower from StemExpress, the company distributing the fetal parts, gives an inside look at the business relationship between the supplier and distributor.

Holly O'Donnell was hired as a procurement technician for StemExpress. She explains that she did some of the work Planned Parenthood was required to do and took care of shipping the extracted baby parts.

"Planned Parenthood never shipped anything; we did all the shipping," she affirms.

David Daleiden, lead investigator for CMP, remarks, "Planned Parenthood's executive team repeatedly lied to the public and to the news media when they promised StemExpress was only paying them for 'shipping costs.' Holly O'Donnell's testimony totally debunks Planned Parenthood's fake excuse for the money they took for aborted baby body parts."

StemExpress claims to offer "human blood-derived cell products" from "our own strategically located collection centers." O'Donnell says in the first video, she thought she would be collecting only blood samples and describes her first day of work at the abortion mill.

You can feel the death go up through, you know, it was something that was just alive.

She says she was taken to the pathology lab where she was shown a pie dish full of aborted baby parts. A Planned Parenthood worker began using tweezers to sort through the blood and tissue and pulled out a limb. She asked O'Donnell to do the same.

"And I put the tweezers in, and I put it on one of the limbs, and I've never felt this in my life," O'Donnell comments. "I felt the pain radiate through my hand. You can feel the death go up through, you know, it was something that was just alive. And I grabbed it, and I felt that, and I started to get woozy."

She continues, "Next thing I know, I woke up in the recovery room."

O'Donnell worked for StemExpress for five months in 2012 and 2013. She ending up "quitting in disgust with the company's business model." She describes in the video how she was handling all aspects of the aborted baby organ harvesting process, as well as performing some of the work of the abortion mill staff.

"We as procurement technicians got our bonuses based on organ, not per abortion," O'Donnell says. Her testimony is confirmed by the StemExpress-Planned Parenthood contract that specifies per-fetal organ payment and invoices showing that customers paid StemExpress for shipping costs.

Planned Parenthood has always maintained these charges were not for profit, but for "transport" or shipping costs. Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood's CEO, and Dawn Laguens, executive vice president, have both told the media that fees charged to StemExpress were for shipping costs.

Daleiden's video series also shows other illegal activity related to the aborted baby parts sales. In the second video, O'Donnell describes the daily collaboration between StemExpress and Planned Parenthood used to maximize the number of body parts that could be collected.

She maintains the exchange of patients' personal information, in violation of federal HIPAA privacy laws, was key to filling quotas for sample requests from Stem Express' customers. O'Donnell explains that Planned Parenthood management would provide StemExpress with the private medical information of the women coming in for abortions. StemExpress employees were also given access to patients' medical charts and the clinic's computer network. They would then go through them and choose good candidates for fetal tissue, depending on the gestation of the unborn child being aborted. Again, this was all done in violation of federal privacy laws.

Daleiden says after this latest video, "Any defense Planned Parenthood had is now totally discredited, and Congress and the Administration should move immediately to hold Planned Parenthood accountable under the law."

I am all in to defeat them in every courtroom and to bring all the videos of their criminality to the public, who have a right to see them.

Daleiden has been in a two-year legal battle with 15 felony charges pending against him in California. While forensic analysis of the videos show they are "authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or editing," Planned Parenthood hired Fusion GPS to do its own analysis. Fusion GPS claims the videos were "heavily edited" and could not be used as evidence. But as Breitbart recently reported:

Fusion GPS is now known to have been funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) through law firm Perkins Coie — the same law firm to which the Obama campaign organization, Obama For America (OFA), paid nearly a million dollars.

Alek Boyd, a former Human Rights Foundation associate falsely accused by Fusion GPS of "being a pedophile, sexual deviant and a drug addict," said, "Fusion is basically a pen-for-hire shop, whose owners are prepared to concoct completely spurious stories that are fed to media contacts developed over years of legitimate work in reputable outlets."

Just before the release of the first video with O'Donnell, Daleiden spoke at the Values Voter Summit, vowing to continue his fight.

"I promise you, I am not backing down in the face of Planned Parenthood's attacks," he insisted. "I am all in to defeat them in every courtroom and to bring all the videos of their criminality to the public, who have a right to see them."

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