Soros Slams Opponents of Globalism

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  August 17, 2020   

Sees cracks in the 'European project'

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SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. ( - A billionaire atheist is blasting opponents of globalism and its Culture of Death agenda, calling them "enemies of Europe."

In an interview published in Repubblica earlier this month, financier George Soros warned of the European Union's (EU's) post-COVID vulnerability, casting aspersions at what he sees as "internal and external enemies" of Europe.

Viktor Orbán

"People are disoriented and scared," the 90-year-old Hungarian-American said. "They do things that are bad both for themselves and for the world."

He expounded on the vulnerable state of Europe, particularly during the time of the pandemic, denouncing certain European leaders who resist his globalist agenda.

For example, Soros complained about Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán and Law and Justice Party leader Jarosław Kaczyński in Poland, saying they oppose the global agenda despite being "the largest beneficiaries of EU structural assistance."

He criticized both leaders in a May interview, saying that "Orbán has already used the COVID-19 emergency and a captured Parliament to appoint himself dictator. The Parliament is kept in session to rubber-stamp his decrees, which clearly violate European law."

Smacking at Poland, he said it "has immediately risen to the occasion [of the pandemic] and asserted the supremacy of its government-controlled courts over European law."

Not one to back down from a skirmish, Orbán has reserved strong words for his fellow Hungarian:

We are fighting an enemy that is ... not open, but hiding; not straightforward but crafty; not honest but base; not national but international; does not believe in working but speculates with money; does not have his own homeland but feels it owns the whole world.

Soros said he considers Italy, however, his "biggest concern" rueing that recently: "A very popular anti-European leader, Matteo Salvini, managed to gain a lot of ground."

He lamented:

Opinion polls show that the number of the supporters of Europe is falling [in Italy], as is support for remaining in the eurozone," Soros said. "Italy is one the largest member states of the European Union, a very important member state. I cannot imagine the EU without Italy. The big question is whether the EU will be able to provide enough support to Italy.

Soros' three European enemies share a similar set of values, namely, things deemed "bad" by Soros: They oppose abortion and euthanasia; promotion of LGBT ideology including its integration into school curriculums; open-door immigration policies; and elimination of sovereign states.

The Open Society activist didn't limit to European leaders his list of enemies who he said were "numerous."

News Package: Soros' Money and the Democrats

Soros went on to target President Donald Trump, calling him a "trickster" who "has violated the Constitution in many ways." He threatened that Trump will be held accountable "if he loses the election."

He further called Trump "very dangerous" because "he is fighting for his life, and he will be willing to do just about anything to stay in power," the billionaire said. Still, he dismissed Trump as a blip on the U.S. historical continuum: "I'm convinced that Trump will be a transitory phenomenon that, hopefully, will end in November."

I have developed a conceptual framework that puts me slightly ahead of the pack.

Soros further alleged that China is now an enemy, taking on the role Russia once occupied.

China's superiority in "artificial intelligence generates instruments of control that are very useful for a closed society and that represent a mortal danger for an open society," according to Soros. "It tips the balance in favor of closed companies. Today's China is a much greater threat to open societies than Russia."

Despite the confusion and fear Soros ascribed to the rest of post-pandemic Europe — and other parts of the world — Soros sees himself as "maybe a little less [affected] than most."

"I have developed a conceptual framework that puts me slightly ahead of the pack," he claimed.

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