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by Hunter Bradford  •  •  December 17, 2021   

Church has taken 'insufficient steps with abuse'

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Abuse in the Church is rampant despite the protestations of multiple bishops. And the abuse stretches worldwide, far beyond the shores of America. Church Militant's Hunter Bradford exposes a damning report for the Church in New Zealand.

A new report claims prelates in New Zealand are dropping the ball on sexual abuse claims. 

The report, by the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care, finds the Church in New Zealand has not taken sufficient steps to solve the problem.

It found a number of issues with the Church's response to abuse, including "poor record-keeping, a culture of secrecy and an apparent lack of interest or inclination to understand the nature and extent of abuse."

In fact, a New Zealand bishop who sexually abused a young woman was still a bishop at the time of the report. Bishop Charles Drennan resigned in 2019 after an investigation into said abuse, but the Vatican dragged its feet in punishing him.

The United States, New Zealand, Germany, Chile — it's a global problem bishops everywhere still don't have fixed.

The report stated survivors "can have a shaken sense or complete loss of faith." 

The report was independent of the Church and any other denominations involved, and mainly focused on the years between 1950 and 1999, with some exceptions.

Secular outlets are vindicating faithful Catholics, who've sounded the alarm for years about gross moral corruption in the hierarchy.

The report covers abuse in the Catholic Church as well as other denominations like Anglicanism.

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