Next Target for Unlimited Abortion: Bolivia

by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  •  August 6, 2015   

Powerful Western groups want unrestricted abortion in Bolivia

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DETROIT, August 6, 2015 ( - Two Western international organizations are trying to pressure Bolivia into loosening its laws on abortion.

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) recently told the country to "decriminalize abortion in all cases and … ensure effective access to safe, legal abortion at least in cases where women's lives or health are at risk; where fetal impairment prevents independent life outside the womb; and in cases where the pregnancy is the result of rape."

This drew immediate opposition from Abp. Jesus Juarez of Sucre, who took to the media in response. He insisted that Bolivia retains "sovereignty on these issues."

He went on to affirm that abortion — killing babies in the womb — "will always be something that goes against life," maintaining, with the Church, that "a human being is sacred and inviolable in every situation and in every stage of its development."

Amnesty International has also recently issued an official report to CEDAW saying that "access to safe, legal abortion in cases of rape must be a priority" for Bolivia.

Bolivian law allows certain exemptions to its abortion restrictions — like after a rape — but government permission is required. Amnesty International is apparently worried about the fact that authorization is required for "therapeutic abortions."


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