NH Introduces ‘Anti-Transgender Bill’ for Women’s Sports

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by Paul Murano  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  January 14, 2020   

Democratic politicians confused on which constituencies to support

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MANCHESTER, N.H. (ChurchMilitant.com) - Alanna Smith is a sophomore in high school and, according to her mother Cheryl Radachowsky, is a rising star in women's sports. A very hard worker and dominant in her sport, Alanna has little chance at winning anymore as long as PC ideology continues to reign.

According to Radachowsky, Alanna as a freshman led her high-school team to its third straight team championship by winning the 100-meter, 200-meter and 400-meter races in one of the most dominant individual performances in meet history. She smashed a pair of records at the New England championships in Maine, and has devoted countless days, nights and weekends to training.

But in today's PC climate when biological boys who identify as girls can participate in women's sports, all this talent and perspiration could be wasted. 

"Men are stronger than women. Boys are faster than girls. An influx of hormones doesn't undo these realities," proclaimed Radachowsky. "Study after study has reaffirmed this basic fact about what it means to be human."

She points to a recent Swedish study in which scientists followed 11 biological men whose testosterone was dramatically decreased due to cross-sex hormone treatments over a year. Even when the men's testosterone levels matched that of ­biological women, the men's competitive advantages remained almost fully intact, since muscle size and bone density remained virtually unchanged. Radachowsky said:

Since 2017, our state's high-school athletic conference has allowed biological boys to compete against girls. … Since then, two biological boys have won 15 women's track championships, titles held by nine different girls in 2016. Not only that, the same two biological boys have taken away more than 50 chances for girls to compete at the next level of competition, running these girls right off the track and forcing them to be spectators in their own sport.

Alanna Smith is symbolic of a growing number of young women frustrated by the current social milieu of "transgender rights" usurping the rights of biological females to complete on a level playing field. Radachowsky represents a growing movement of angry parents and other adults pleading for a return to common sense.

Former Brazilian Olympic volleyballer Ana Paula Henkel, pointing to a man who now dominates the women's league in Brazil, wrote in an open letter opposing "this rushed and heedless decision to include biological men [in the Olympics], born and built with testosterone, with their height, their strength and aerobic capacity of men ... beyond the sphere of tolerance," she wrote. "It represses, embarrasses, humiliates and excludes women."

When tennis star Martina Navratilova expressed her opinion that biological men should not compete in women's sports, she was roundly attacked as "transphobic" and swiftly booted from the board of the LGBT organization Athlete Ally. Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies, from Britain, also got trashed for expressing similar thoughts.

In the political realm, every Democratic frontrunner for president supports biological males playing in women's sports by publicly supporting the Equality Act. This bill, which passed the House in May with unanimous Democratic support, amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include "sexual orientation and gender identity" as protected characteristics under federal anti-discrimination law.

All the top Democratic candidates for president and some that have dropped out support the Equality Act.

Joe Biden said the Equality Act would be his top legislative priority. It is "long overdue, and will ensure LGBTQ Americans are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve," he said.

Sen. Bernie Sanders co-sponsored the Senate version of the Equality Act. Passing the bill is front and center on his website, signifying his commitment to the measure.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren also highlights her dedication to the bill, which she co-sponsored, pledging to "fight tooth and nail" to get it passed.

Nancy Pelosi speaking for the Equality Act

Pete Buttigieg, the only active homosexual in the race, said he strongly supports the Equality Act and called the bill's passage in the House "a historic moment for equal rights in America."

He also tweeted, "We need a federal Equality Act that says you cannot be discriminated against just because of who you are or just because of who you love."

At this point five states have weighed in with possible legislation that would prevent gender-confused males from competing in women's sports. According to The Wall Street Journal, this type of legislation has been introduced in Missouri, Georgia, Washington, Tennessee and New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire bill, HB 1251, will be considered at a public hearing on Tuesday. The legislation amends current law that prohibits discrimination in public schools based on age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, marital status, familial status, disability, religion or national origin. The legislation includes the following section:

Interscholastic or intramural athletic teams or sports that are sponsored by a primary or secondary school or institution of higher education and designated for "females," "women," or "girls" shall only be open to students of the female sex. If disputed, a student may prove that she is of the female sex by presenting a signed physician's statement which shall indicate the student's sex is based solely upon: (a) the student's internal and external reproductive anatomy; (b) the student's naturally occurring level of testosterone; and (c) an analysis of the student's chromosomes.

Democratic politicians are now stuck between having to show support for either "transgender" advocates or "soccer moms." If the trend of state legislation continues, however, young women like Alanna Smith will once again be able to focus solely on the competition rather than on the sex of her competitors.

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