NJ Pastor Defends Eucharistic Miracle

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 4, 2020   

Bishop orders destruction of Host

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A battle over a possible eucharistic miracle is being waged in the diocese of Paterson, New Jersey.

One the one side, Bp. Arthur Serratelli is ordering the destruction of a consecrated Host that parishioners say is a eucharistic miracle.

Opposing him is Fr. Janusz Rzadca, the pastor of St. Joseph's parish, who is publicly defying Serratelli, telling Church Militant he will never destroy it.

In fact, he is hiding it.

Hundreds of pilgrims from the region are coming to see for themselves, and many are converted, have gone to confession and attended Holy Mass.

After a preliminary examination, a pathologist told Rzadca that the substance is not blood, but further tests are still ongoing.

Nevertheless, Serratelli has ordered its destruction — Fr. Rzadca receiving word from the vicar general of the diocese: "The bishop orders you to take the Host and destroy it immediately."

Serratelli follows in the footsteps of former Buffalo Bp. Richard Malone, who ordered a possible bleeding Host to be destroyed in 2018.

The same scenario played out in the archdiocese of Detroit a few years back, when Abp. Allen Vigneron ordered what appeared to be a bleeding Host be handed over to chancery personnel.

No further information was ever made public about that case.

Parishioners and pilgrims — including Fr. Rzadca himself — are reporting seeing various images and pictures in the consecrated Host, such as St. Joseph holding the child Jesus and Our Lord carrying the Cross.

Father Rzadca tells Church Militant: "I am getting ready now for all the persecution that is coming upon me for the sake of Our Lord Jesus. It is the greatest grace to suffer for the Lord."

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