No Apology From Wuerl

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  January 15, 2019   

Archbishop Viganò: It's not too late

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Even a bad pastor needs a shepherd who cares about the salvation of his soul more than about public opinion. Such is the case with ex-Cdl. Theodore McCarrick, who is being urged to repent by Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl seems mainly concerned about his own reputation after being caught deceiving the public about his knowledge of Abp. Theodore McCarrick's homosexual predation. Archbishop Viganò, however, is selflessly reaching out to McCarrick in hopes that he be saved. In a letter dated Jan. 13 and translated by LifeSiteNews, Viganò tells McCarrick that it's not too late.

"Time is running out," Viganò urges, "but you can confess and repent of your sins, crimes and sacrileges, and do so publicly, since they have themselves become public. Your eternal salvation is at stake."

The same could be said to Wuerl, who deceived the public about his knowledge of McCarrick's sexual abuse of adults and is refusing to apologize. In his first testimony last August, Viganò said of Wuerl, "The Cardinal lies shamelessly."

What concerns Viganò most about such prelates is the lack of any public signs of repentance. The archbishop said as much in his letter to McCarrick.

"[W]hat really matters and what has saddened those who love you and pray for you is the fact that throughout these months you haven't given any sign of repentance," offered Viganò.

All Catholics are called to love their enemies, and Our Lord warned them in Matthew 10:36: "A man's enemies shall be they of his own household." This especially applies in the household of God where spiritual sons and daughters call even wayward clerics "Father." Christ urges Catholics to always pray for such enemies. Regarding this spiritual work with McCarrick, Viganò leads the way.

"I am among those who are praying for your conversion," affirms Viganò, "that you may repent and ask pardon of your victims and the Church."

Watch the panel discuss the difference in priorities of current prelates in The Download—No Apology From Wuerl.

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