Leftists and Satanists Disrupt Church Militant’s Noel Night

by Stephen Wynne  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 20, 2017   

Antifa sympathizers, LGBT activists and gay militants try to drown out Christmas caroling with obscenities

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DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) - A cabal of satanists, atheists and leftist radicals descended on Ferndale, Michigan City Hall Wednesday hoping to disrupt Noel Night, Church Militant's Christmas event held in front of its Nativity display.

Church Militant had received a permit from the City of Ferndale to set up our own Nativity display on City Hall, where supporters gathered at 6 p.m. ET to sing Christmas carols and offer free hot cocoa and apple cider to the public.

In the lead-up to the event, two local groups organized to protest what they called a "hate group" and "alt-right." The Metro-Detroit Political Action Network called local liberals to come protest with signs reading "Nazis go home" and "No hate in our state."

(Warning: graphic language)

A commenter who goes by the name Castratta L. Pain (who has since made the Facebook page private) took to social media to rally protestors, writing:

Leftist protestor at Noel Night

I will be there as Santa, with gifts of safe sex and anal lube for all their tightasses. I will also be sporting a naughty xxxmas sweater under my suit, just in case I can inspire this event towards something slightly erotic.


The individual went on to goad followers to "go participate as your slutty/kinky/gay selves, and be subversive by taking over their event and enveloping them."

One commenter hinted at bringing a smoke bomb: "Smoke disrupts cameras. Smoke grenades might not be a problem." The comment prompted local police to contact the individual, who admitted he had no such device, nor was he intending to go to the event.

The protest itself ended up being more bark than bite.

Roughly two dozen detractors showed up — a pack of Antifa radicals, gay activists and satanists sporting pentagrams and images of Baphomet.

As Church Militant staff and supporters sang traditional Christ-centered carols, protestors hurled obscenities and blasphemies:

  • "Anti-human, anti-gay, kooky Catholics go away!"
  • "God is dead!"
  • "Hail contraception! Hail Satan!"


Alex Drysdale screamed epithets and obscenities

through a bullhorn and tried to drown out Christmas carolers

Alex Drysdale, who lists his place of employment as My Urgent Dentistry in Woodhaven, Michigan, was by far the loudest and most obscene among the protestors, shouting epithets and obscenities through a bullhorn. A number of times, as carolers sang traditional songs like "Noel, Noel" and "Joy to the World," Drysdale substituted obscene lyrics for the songs. He also alternated his insults with burping or loud mimicry of flatulence through the bullhorn and otherwise tried to drown out the carolers.

But the more loudly the protestors screamed, the more loudly the carolers sang, standing firm and ignoring the mayhem.

By 7 p.m., as Noel Night wound down, ending on the Marian hymn Salve Regina followed by the loud cheer "Merry Christmas!" protestors had drifted toward Church Militant's staging area to warm themselves with hot cider and cocoa, courtesy of the apostolate, while others wandered off to a club across the street.

Protestors left the refreshment table littered with condoms.

The next morning, conservatives were making their voices heard on the protest's Facebook page.

"I'm so tired of hateful anti-Catholic bigots," said one. "Strange how the left has become so Fascist. They show their extreme hatred for Jews in their opposition to Israel. Their thirst for genocidal scale slaughter has them supporting the murders of children in their mothers' wombs."

"A lot of ugly anti-Catholic bigotry here," another observed.

Protestors left the refreshment table littered with condoms.

Yet another admonished, "All I can see on this FB page is a lot of bigoted hate against Christians. Yes — I called you bigots. Just like you call us Christians bigots. ... You guys really need to grow up, or at least educate yourselves."

Thursday morning, Church Militant Executive Producer Simon Rafe reflected on his experience, noting a "lack of faith" among some who asked questions, although the night was not a total loss. "There were a couple of people I had good conversations with," Rafe commented. "One man in particular had come seeking genuine answers."

Rafe continued, "To be honest, that single interaction was worth being sworn at, told to go to Hell, called a child molester and stand in the cold for an hour."

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