Non-Catholic Religious Leaders Shame Bishops

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by Paul Murano  •  •  June 4, 2021   

Courage lacking where demanded the most

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Pastor Rob McCoy: "Our cowardice is selfish."

Dennis Prager of Prager University sat down with Pastor Rob McCoy of Calvary Chapel in Southern California last week. McCoy has had run-ins with the law due to COVID restrictions and, like Prager, chooses to serve God rather than man.


Christianity says the Church is the bride of Christ, and I've been married to Michelle for 31 years. You come to me and tell me my wife's not essential [and] you'll be picking up your teeth with your broken arm. Pastors should defend the sanctity of the Church and defend its validity. And it is essential, and it's critical in community.

When McCoy was threatened with financial ruin and even prison, his wife responded wisely.


[She said] "I'd rather be a widow than be married to a coward." And we had counted the costs: We're going to lose our house, we'll lose our church, we'll get audited, they're going to make issue of our kids, death threats, going to your car and seeing a note on your windshield [saying] "good luck starting your car." ... You have no idea the stupidity. And what are they going to do, threaten me with Heaven?

Prager shared some of his insight on liberty.

Dennis Prager:

There are two aspects to liberty — liberty from external bondage and liberty from internal bondage. Sinai is the liberty from internal bondage, Exodus is from external bondage. If you can't discipline yourself, you're a slave to your nature — which is, by the way, completely lost in secular society, completely, and it is the essence of our problem — that people blame America and not their own natures for their problems.

McCoy was asked why more Christian leaders didn't take a stand for their congregations against unjust COVID measures.

McCoy: "Pastors, by nature try to avoid conflict, and they're peacemakers. But they don't understand that peace isn't the absence of conflict. It's the presence of God in the midst of the conflict."

Prager uncovered the evil masked as compassion.

Prager: "I would have walked into the hotel and awaited arrest. My father will not die alone. My wife will not die alone. My friend will not die alone. Dying alone is slightly more cruel than the minuscule risk of dying from exposure."

Common sense can see the inconsistency and irrationality of some COVID restrictions placed on religious establishments. A few religious leaders had the courage to act. Sadly, most of them are not leaders of the one true Church Christ established, through which He offers the fullness of grace and truth. Perhaps Catholic bishops should take notice.

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