Note About Some Declarations of Prof. Roberto De Mattei

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by Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò  •  •  June 22, 2021   

Which recently appeared at 'Corrispondenza Romana'

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If I have spoken evil, give testimony of the evil;
but I have spoken well, why do you strike me?
John 18:23

The article "The Viganò Case: The Archbishop and His Double," which appeared yesterday at Corrispondenza Romana in both Italian and English, signed by Professor Roberto de Mattei, has been pointed out to me.

I am unable not to express my amazement at the statements that an illustrious Catholic intellectual, hailed as a champion of Tradition and who has not spared the hierarchy criticism that is at times severe but always carefully considered and just, felt that he had to make in my regard.

In reality, it would have been enough to consult me verbally or by letter in order to dispel his suspicions and feel reassured that all of my writings, declarations and interviews which I have given are the fruit of a maturation of convictions of which I proudly claim full paternity.

The idea that I have a "double" must be the fruit of some adviser to whom Prof. de Mattei has improvidently lent his faith, without realizing that by doing so he has exposed himself to the public refutation of completely unfounded allegations, which also sound, if I may be allowed to say so, not very charitable in my regard.

I am therefore taking the opportunity afforded by his article to deny his impudent and fanciful theses, reassuring those who have the goodness to read me and listen to me that there is no ghostwriter, and that by the grace of God I still have full possession of my faculties, I am not manipulated by anyone, and I am absolutely determined to continue my apostolic mission for the salvation of souls.

Viganò, a former papal nuncio, has been targeted for his role as a Vatican whistleblower

In other times, de Mattei would have been proud to be at my side in the common battle for Catholic truth, for the defense of the immutable Magisterium and of the venerable traditional liturgy against the assaults of the modernists. He would have probably also been at my side in denouncing the pandemic fraud and the intrinsic immorality of experimental vaccines produced with fetal material derived from abortions.

His recent interventions, published with his own name or under a pseudonym, have demonstrated, not without heartfelt sorrow, that if there is a "double," it must be sought in the recent writings of the professor — writings that seem to be composed by a dull regime official who is obedient to the mainstream narrative, and not by the sharp mind and genuine faith of the de Mattei I once knew. Quantum mutatus ab illo.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop


June 22, 2021
S. Paulini, Episcopi et Confessoris

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