Nationwide Novena of 5,400 Masses for President Trump

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  September 3, 2020   

'Empower the President in divinely inspired ways'

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DETROIT ( - A Catholic group is rallying the faithful to join ranks in a campaign that seeks the celebration of 5,400 Masses by Election Day.

President Trump at the March for Life

Richard Manougian, chief organizer of the "Nationwide Novena of 5,400 Masses for President Trump," told Church Militant this week that the idea of targeting 5,400 Masses came to him during prayer as he considered the magnitude of the 2020 election.

"There's a lot at stake in the election — religious liberty, rights of the unborn, the tyranny of communism, Supreme Court Justices, federal judgeships," Manougian said. But he believes "the multitude of Masses will empower the President and the Country to push back in divinely inspired ways."

Worldwide Commitments

Manougian began his campaign before the 2016 election, then setting a goal of 81 Masses and spreading the news by word of mouth. Now he said the Masses "are pouring in."

The website records in real time names of campaign participants from around the country — and the world, including Africa, India, the United Kingdom and Australia. Some patrons even indicate they are sending President Trump notifications of their commitment.

The multitude of Masses will empower the President and the country to push back in divinely inspired ways.

"Feedback from the faithful has shown great enthusiasm for a spiritual weapon they had overlooked," the Catholic lay leader observed.

It was on Aug. 15 "with an avalanche of Masses being registered, [that] we reached and passed the 900th Mass," he said. Thus, after prayer and consultation with his wife and supportive friends, he said, "we expanded the novena for President Trump to a nationwide novena of 5,400 Masses."

The positive response propelled Manougian's efforts. "I did not want to stand in the way of the growing enthusiasm throughout the United States and the world for having the Mass said for the success of President Trump and our country, he said. "With more Masses coming in daily and sometimes hourly, I wanted to continue the novena in some fashion."

Manougian structured the novena of 5,400 Masses after the 54-day Rosary Novena for the sake of "efficacy," he said, dividing it into 2,700 Masses of petition and 2,700 Masses of thanksgiving.

We expanded the novena for President Trump to a nationwide novena of 5,400 Masses.

With over 1,000 Masses pledged as of Sept. 3, we need another 4,200 Masses. To put that goal in perspective, he said, "If 1% of Catholics had a Mass said, it would equal 700,000 Masses, if every Catholic Church said just 1 Mass, that would be 17,000 Masses."

Getting Involved

To join in, the faithful can visit the campaign's website at, where they can register their masses in one of two ways.

The first option, which is recommended, is for Catholics to schedule a Mass at their local church. They can then record the Mass at the campaign website.

The second option is to donate a $20 Mass stipend at the campaign's GoFundMe page, and Manougian's staff will arrange for the Mass.

Underscoring the import of the campaign and moreover the Holy Mass, the website includes this quotation: "The Mass is the greatest wonder in the world. There is nothing on earth equal to it, and there is nothing in Heaven greater than it. The next greatest wonder is the indifference and ignorance of Catholics regarding Holy Mass."

"The faithful recognize the divine power of the Mass and it is freely at their disposal. They just need to be made aware of this novena," Manougian said.

For more information, visit the National Novena of 5,400 Masses for President Trump webpage, or call (516) 557-5211.

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