‘Toned-Down Radical Feminism’ Taught at CA Catholic School

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by Anita Carey  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 18, 2018   

Culture of tolerance is leading to viral spread of lesbianism

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SAN DIEGO (ChurchMilitant.com) - A mother is struggling to find peace for her daughter after a school's culture of lesbianism infected her and threatens to destroy the family.

Speaking to Church Militant on the condition of anonymity, "Diane" has been on a three-year quest to help her daughter after other girls at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP) in San Diego, California pursued and convinced her daughter, "Lauren," that an active homosexual lifestyle is a valid way to live as a Catholic.

When Diane approached the school with her concerns, the administration said, "We do not judge and we love and accept everyone." She said their attitude was: "This is who OLP is and they are proud of it."

The OLP philosophy mentions solidarity, inclusive, sisterhood several times and says the girls "learn of their own strengths while placing value and respect for the gifts of others." Diane noted they push self-reliance to a degree that young girls start to believe that they do not need men, including God.

She said:

It also goes along with the independent womanhood, the relativistic mindset of whatever feels right for me is good for me. This eliminates God from the equation. They become the goddesses of their own lives and not subject to God's laws nor value or trust that sometimes choosing the difficult path as God has laid out is the best thing for you.

The school was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (SSJC), and the school states multiple times they are "inspired by the charism" of the order. The SSJC nuns are infamous for their support of the LGBT community and other "nuns on the bus" social justice issues such as immigration, the sin of racism and taxes. Two SSJC sisters, Srs. Jill Marie Napier and Sandra Williams, are on the school board.

In 2014, when Williams was elected to the leadership team of the Los Angeles Province, their affirming Mass was presided by Fr. Rich Danyluk, the openly homosexual priest that has just been assigned as interim president to Damien High School in La Vern, California and lied to Church Militant about it. 

The actual embrace of homosexuality by the order can be seen in their participation in the Gracious Embodiment: Embracing a Capacious Sexuality conference. This event was organized by New Ways Ministry, a dissident group that has been condemned by the Vatican. They have been forbidden from ministering to the LGBT community due to their heterodox views. 

Sister Nancy Marsh, one of the Los Angeles Province nuns, spoke at the conference that is billed as a "dialogue among lesbian sisters." The program description is shocking in its blatant feminist and anti-Catholic ideology: 

Today "sexuality" means anything and everything: identity; orientation; the way we organize love, desire, and affection; even our whole way of being in the world as embodied spirit. We are part of a Church still struggling with how to connect all these fluid, evolving meanings. We come from a religious past with a narrow vision of binary sexes created for the purpose of procreation, in which a limited degree of male sexual desire is sanctioned and women's experiences are considered irrelevant.

Earlier in the month, two other sisters of the province admitted to stealing over $500,000 from St. James School in Torrence, California to support their gambling habit. Sisters Mary Margaret Kreuper, the principal, and teacher Lana Chang are facing criminal charges and in a statement, the order claims they are planning to pay back the money once the full amount has been determined.

The school's acceptance of the LGBT community could even extend to its faculty. Diane learned that girls in the school were discussing two of the teachers they believed to be in a lesbian relationship. These teachers are young and well-liked by the girls, and by some reports, their popularity leads to the desire of some girls to copy lesbianism and the peer pressure to accept it. 

The sad thing is that this order preys on the vulnerable.

The LGBT community has been pushing the lie that sexual identity is an inborn trait and can't be changed so that the influence of social contagion on LGBT identity can be denied. Doctor Michelle Cretella, the executive director of the American Academy of Pediatrics, called it "breathtakingly naïve and unscientific" to ignore the influence of the family and society on the sexual identity development of the child.

"There is absolutely zero debate as to whether this is true regarding smoking, drugs, alcohol, sexual activity and violence," she explained. A number of studies and reports, even going back a decade, have been documenting the effect popular culture has on the development of same-sex attractions.

Lauren is a beautiful girl and had been bullied by kids at her Catholic middle school. She was left vulnerable and desperately wanting to fit in. 

"The sad thing is that this order preys on the vulnerable, the children," Diane said. "The teenage years are naturally ripe for testing and finding their independence. It is also a time susceptible to influence and rebellion."

This "charism" that Diane described as a "toned-down radical feminism," has the double effect of breaking down trust in God and the family. She explains this breakdown is as a result of the indoctrination of unconditional tolerance and acceptance. She said:

The shocking thing to me is that she had no problem exclaiming that she thought we were homophobic and intolerant! This was not the girl we had known for 14 years! In her limited understanding at the time and what she was being fed at the school — anyone who did not accept and agree with her expressed views was, without exception, homophobic and intolerant — black and white.

In November, the school hosted a California Democratic pro-abortion congresswoman, Susan Davis, for a "hip-hop dance workshop." In addition to her support of civil rights for the LGBT community, Davis is a cosponsor of the Women's Health Protection Act that would prohibit the government from passing new laws to limit abortion or impose more stringent standards of care.  

The indoctrination with liberalism at Catholic high schools is going on all over the country. The number reports featuring unapologetic pushes of liberalism, transgenderism and homosexuality are growing week by week.

In Michigan, Austin Catholic High School was caught pushing the gay agenda, and Gabriel Richard High School "is blessed with the charism of dissent." 

In Maryland, John Carroll Catholic High School started a Love One Another Club the year after they came under fire for hiding pro-gay art, painted by a student, for their open house. 

In Cleveland, St. Ignatius High School forces students to read stories sympathetic to transgender ideology while outraged parents try to stop the school from letting go of the two of the most well-liked and orthodox theology teachers — not to mention Damien High School that is now being run by an openly gay priest.

Diane is trying to hold out hope that the battle has already been won, but she is terrified that the souls of so many children are being altered by the warped understanding of God and the Faith that is pushed on them. She explained:

I know the Church has always been fighting a battle, but it appears that in this generation the school is the battleground! No one escapes a battle unscathed, every one of our children are casualties of war. The seeds are being sown, the damage is being done. The wounds and scars may not be visible but as we know those can be the most traumatic, damaging and life-altering. 

"We are still trying to rebuild our relationship with our daughter. She is struggling with her sense of self, her place in the world and her trust in God — especially through all her negative Catholic school experiences," she added. 

Diane credits the Courage program and a faithful priest that has been guiding the family through the process. She said they were completely unprepared to discuss this with their daughter. She found a lot of good advice in the books Made This Way by Leila Miller and Trent Horn and Made For Love by Fr. Michael Schmitz. 

"For some girls, there was no trust that they could talk about their feelings to their parents and be accepted or guided," Diane said. "We were the lucky ones because our daughter did speak to us."

Church Militant reached out to Dr. Lek but she did not respond to our questions; likely she is busy with the school's $24 million capital campaign

Kevin Eckery, the vice chancellor for the diocese of San Diego, told Church Militant, "OLP isn't a diocesan school, but it enjoys good relations with the diocese. We know of no specific concerns or complaints."

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