Political Activist Masquerades as Satanist

by Christine Niles  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 22, 2017   

Alex Drysdale was ringleader at protest of Church Militant's Noel Night

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FERNDALE, Mich. (ChurchMilitant.com) - "Nazi punks, f*** off." "Punch a Nazi for your sins." "God is dead and we killed Him." Those were just some of the words shouted by Alex Drysdale through his bullhorn Wednesday night at a group of Christmas carolers.

Alex Drysdale

Church Militant was hosting Noel Night, having received permission from the City of Ferndale, Michigan to set up a Nativity display at City Hall. It was supposed to be a night of Christmas cheer, with Christmas carols and free hot cocoa and apple cider offered to locals.

Instead, Drysdale (who has since made his Facebook page private) and about two dozen protestors — including Antifa sympathizers, satanists and LGBT activists — showed up to disrupt the event, trying to drown out the Christmas caroling with epithets and anti-Catholic slurs. Falsely portraying Church Militant, a Catholic media organization, as "alt-right" and a "hate group," the protestors — led by ringleader Drysdale — hurled obscenities throughout the one-hour event (which included little children). Drysdale afterward boasted of his exploits on Facebook.

(Warning: graphic language)

Currently a student majoring in political science at University of Michigan-Dearborn, public reports show Drysdale has been active in politics.


Alex Drysdale speaking thorugh a bullhorn

at a May 2016 protest

As LifeSiteNews notes, an October 2016 article in the News-Herald reports that Drysdale was field organizer for Dr. Anil Kumar, a Democrat who ran in 2016 for a seat in the 11th U.S. congressional district of Michigan (Kumar lost to Republican David Trott).

Drysdale also interned for Steven Rzeppa for his State House campaign from October 2015 to August 2016. Before that, fresh out of high school, Drysdale ran for a seat on the Trenton School Board.

"I feel I am the best candidate for the job because being of a different generation than the others, I can offer a fresh perspective that could greatly benefit our schools," he said at the time. A number of commenters called him a "fine, young man."

Drysdale went on to lose his bid for the seat.

Cover photo on Drysdale's Facebook page

In late 2016, he tried to organize an anti-Trump march in Wyandotte, but ended up canceling after people expressed anger that it was taking place on the same day as a Christmas tree-lighting event.

"At first, the objections were about the tree lighting, but it went from that to people being very hateful," Drysdale complained at the time. "There is a lot of hatred out there."

At Noel Night, Drysdale led the pack of protestors in shouting a number of slurs through his bullhorn:

  • "Nazi punks, f*** off"
  • "Hail almighty Satan"
  • "Anti-human, anti-gay, phony Catholics go away"
  • "Christ is dead to everyone"
  • "God is dead and we killed him"
  • "Punch a Nazi for your sins" (a remark that drew applause from Antifa sympathizers)
  • "Jesus was a communist"
  • "Hail contraception"

Drysdale is also active on Twitter, tweeting Tuesday: "What if we just round up the bad people and decide who should be met with a gulag and who should be met with a firing squad. I don't see what's so hard about that."

His Twitter feed (taken down as of Saturday) is littered with praise of Communist dictators like Vladimir Lenin and Che Guevara, and includes a fundraising appeal to make a trip to Cuba.


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