Ohio ‘Drag 101’ Class for Teens Canceled After Backlash

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by Anita Carey  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 31, 2019   

Some drag activists also mock the Catholic faith

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DELAWARE, Ohio (ChurchMilitant.com) - A class to teach teens how to do drag is being canceled after an Ohio library was flooded with complaints.

The Delaware County District library had planned to offer a "Drag 101" class to "demonstrate the art of creating a character, costuming, and applying makeup" to children aged 12–17. After being inundated with complaints from upset parents, the library reluctantly called off the event, which was going to be funded with taxpayer money.

After being inundated with complaints from upset parents, the library reluctantly called off the event.

At a press conference Wednesday, the library explained the cancellation was owing to "safety concerns."

Drag Queen Selena T. West

"Let me be clear that this is in no way a victory for anyone," the statement read. "Please continue using the library to engage your curiosity, expand your opportunities, and improve your quality of life."

The library claimed the "safety concerns" were from the "hostile and angry messages," noting, "A small number of those messages appeared to threaten the safety of our staff, our patrons, Selena and the teens and caregivers for who (sic) we strive to provide a safe space."

The statement added that these concerns were shared by the Delaware County Sherriff's Office. But when local media contacted Delaware City Police, they made clear no police reports have been filed, saying they had "no understanding of any threats."

The class was to be taught by Kyle Gayle, a 29-year-old female impersonator who was crowned Miss Gay Heart of America in 2018. In a report on the event last week, West claimed the event was about "the building blocks of how to do drag."

"It's nothing to do with sex or gender identity at all," West said.

The library's statement also noted changes to such events after locals expressed concerns.

One of those, raised by Melisa Ackison, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, was whether or not the instructors were properly vetted. "My first concern was, 'Are there background checks for this program and how are they vetting candidates who come in for something like this?'" she asked.

Ackison is an outspoken advocate against the exploitation of children and helped raise opposition to the event.

"The idea that the general public is going to stand down and simply allow our children to be part of a leftist social engineering project is the furthest from the truth," Ackison said. "I have exhausted myself and my resources in the media to share truths about what's happening and I'll do it again to shut this down and send a strong message that we will not back down."

Ackison also recorded the Delaware Library director, George Needham, admitting the class was not about art and theater, but "about sexual questioning."

"Why would we be utilizing drag queens to answer and explore sexual questions from kids aged 12 to 17?" Ackison asked. "Are we going to just allow tax dollars, resources, public places to fund whatever political ideology that's going to come from those who are in charge of scheduling events?"

She added that just as it wouldn't be acceptable for female exotic dancers to educate and perform for children, male drag queens shouldn't be allowed to, either.

Ackison is not alone in her fight to stop the normalization of deviant behavior. In March, the pro-family advocacy group, MassResistance, found out that the Houston Public Library had allowed a convicted child sex offender to read to children at a Drag Queen Storytime event.

MassResistance's investigation resulted in a 163-page report that showcased corruption and unethical conduct with event organizers.

Albert Alfonso Garza, who performs as Tatiana Mala Nina, was convicted in 2008 for assaulting an 8-year-old boy. The Houston Public Library allowed him to read to children as young as two.

Drag queens were photographed with a rubber chicken, gay slang for a sexual preference for young boys.

"Pornographic material and general depraved sexual activity" by the Drag Queen participants was also uncovered by MassResistance, directly contradicting Selena T. West's claim that "[d]rag is not scary; drag is not sexual."

Rubber chickens are gay symbolism for pederasty

West's Instagram page also contradicts his claim, displaying multiple photos featuring immodest dress and sexually provocative poses.

In April, MassResistance found a second convicted sex offender who participated in a Drag Queen Story hour for children. William Travis Dees, who acted as a greeter at the Houston Library events, was convicted in 2004 at the age of 16 for indecency and sexual contact with four children aged four, five, six and eight.

Dees and other drag queens at the Houston event were photographed with a rubber chicken — gay symbolism for a sexual preference for young males, or pederasty.

Dees is also part of a group called the Space City Sisters, a "mission house " of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of men who cross-dress as nuns to "minister, educate and entertain."

These men dress in over-the-top nun's habits and blasphemous outfits to push the LGBT agenda, saying, "Ours is a 'ministry of presence.'"

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence website notes, "The Sisters frequently act as educators, lecturing to classrooms of students and informing the cute boy at the bar about the risks of unsafe sex."

Needham admitted to Ackison that there were no procedures in place at the Delaware library to check the backgrounds of drag queen performers.

The "Drag 101" event has been moved to a local comic book store.

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