Ohio Mill Hosting Notorious Late-Term Abortionist Denied License

by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 15, 2016   

Judge keeps facility open despite state health violations

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DAYTON, Ohio (ChurchMilitant.com) - The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is recommending, for the fifth year in a row, that a Dayton abortion mill lose its license.

The ODH is again recommending that the license for the Women's Medical Center of Dayton (WMCD) be revoked for failure to meet health and safety standards.

State law requires that all ambulatory surgical facilities (the WMCD qualifies as one) have written transfer agreements with a local hospital. The agreement verifies that if an emergency occurs a patient can be transferred promptly to a hospital for care. The WMCD has filed for an exception for the last five years — as is allowed by law — but the state has rejected it each time.

The abortion mill's attorney commented, "The written transfer agreement is a piece of paper with a hospital." She continued, "It's just not a necessity to protect a patient's health and the clinic has been operating just fine without one for the last 14 years."

Abortion activists claim the WMCD is being unfairly targeted by the state because it performs abortions. Ohio Right to Life, however, noted that the WMCD has had many issues that endanger women seeking abortions. In June 2015, a woman, allegedly high on drugs, came in for an abortion. Even though she was unable to hold a conversation and legally unable to give consent, the WMCD went through with the abortion.

The WMCD is one of three abortion mills in Ohio operated by notorious late-term abortionist Dr. Martin Haskell. A 911 call shows one of the many emergencies that has occurred at the clinic:

Haskell is the abortionist who advocated the gruesome and horrific method of late-term abortion called "intact dilation and extraction" (D&X). He detailed the method in his presentation to the National Abortion Federation Risk Management Seminar in 1992.

He argued his method was superior to the old dilation and extraction (D&E) method where the abortionist dilated the woman's cervix and tore the baby apart in the womb with forceps and other tools. He noted that "most surgeons find dismemberment at 20 weeks and beyond to be difficult due to the toughness of fetal tissues at this stage of development."

Haskell then goes on to describe the D&X method, prescribing two days of cervical dilation followed by the "operation" on the third day. He goes on to describe delivering the child body first, inserting scissors at the base of the baby's skull and vacuuming out the child's brains — all while the child is alive and can feel everything.

Despite the many violations of state law, Judge Jerome Metz is keeping the abortion mill open.


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