Open Letter to His Excellency Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò

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by Cesar Baronio  •  •  February 8, 2020   

Cesare Baronio: We must fight under Christ's banner

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Church Militant has been asked to publish an open letter from Cesare Baronio, originally published in Italian at Marco Tosatti's website, addressing former U.S. papal nuncio Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò, who blew the whistle on what he called "the corrupt gay mafia" strangling the Church.

130 prominent lay Catholics gathered in Munich in January
to protest and pray for the end of the German "synodal path"

My Lord Archbishop,

It was with great pleasure that I saw how the gospel adage Estote prudentes ut serpentes, simplices ut columbæ [Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and simple as the doves] was applied in Munich, where Your Grace escaped from the dagger of St. Martha. Forced to be part of the pusilus grex, ostracised by those who ought to defend us; persecuted by the Satrap and his acolytes as though we were a band of criminals; hated by the hunters who are as shameless as they are grotesque: Such is the fate of those who seek to walk along the royal road towards the Holy Cross.

Your Excellency will have the grace to see the completion of Our Lord's promises, along with many other priests and prelates who work for His glory and for the salvation of souls. Then, my Lord, you will be able to repeat the words of Simeon, Nunc dimittis servum tuum, Domine ... quia viderunt oculi mei salutare tuum [Now let your servant depart, Lord, for my eyes have seen ... .]. For the moment you will have to endure many hardships, some of them extremely nasty. These hardships ought to convince those who continue to refuse, to decide where they stand.

Your Excellency shares my realization that compromise is no longer possible. 

I must confess that I was afraid many of my opinions about the Council might generate feelings in Your Excellency of scandal, or at the very least of perplexity, as I have seen many times in those who have considered my comments to have touched a sore point. To be blunt, I was afraid that, even though you accepted the things I was saying about the crisis the Church is going through, you would prefer a more politically correct line as so many of My Lord's brother bishops have done in the past. I must say, however, that their supine acceptance of so many of the errors of the Council is slowly but surely being replaced by a realization that preaching the Faith properly is absolutely at odds with deliberately watering it down to seek the acceptance of high society.

Pachamama idols appeared at the Amazon Synod

Clearly I am not talking about those latitudinarians who see no contradiction in putting on the same level Holy Mother Church and the harlot which even the blind can see before us, or the sacred liturgy and the new rites imposed 50 years ago. Rather I am thinking of a certain (and perfectly understandable) reluctance of those who can barely believe that what their hearts and minds suggest might actually be true: utterly craven betrayal by those at the very top of the Church. What else can it be called, if not betrayal by the supreme pastor, who not only refuses to talk about those very truths which will redeem us but even replaces them with open error and tries to hide them with his weasel words? Is it not betrayal when he publicly commends heretics and sinners and then jeers at those who heroically defend our pure Faith? Does he not betray Our Lord and His Mystical Bride by bringing pagan idols into Rome and scandalizing the faith of many? Does he not betray and offend our Creator by making a goddess of Mother Nature?

And yet all these things have happened before the eyes of so many clerics, bishops and cardinals, who pretend not to see and look elsewhere, and pretend not to hear so they do not have to react. Some do it because they are cowards, others because they are more afraid of losing their jobs than of giving true glory to God and all due honor to the Church. I am sure you remember that passage from Chapter 25 of Manzoni's The Betrothed when the cardinal reprimands Don Abbondio: "Indeed!" said the Cardinal, with an unusual sternness in his voice and manner. "Kindly remember that it is your bishop who is putting this question to you, as part of his duty, and so that you may clear yourself ... the question why you did not perform a task which, in the ordinary course of events, it was your duty to perform." 

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I think that if the cardinal were alive today, he would probably have to live in hiding from Don Rodrigo's thugs. Don Abbondio would probably be made the prefect of some sacred Congregation. I often wonder what has made such eunuchs out of so many priests and bishops in just 50 years. Like many clerics and lay folk, I too have lived through times when I found it difficult to accept that a father could disown his own children or a Shepherd deliberately scatter the flock entrusted to his care and leave them to the mercy of the wolves. These are the usual naïve illusions of people like me who thought we had another Noe before us, drunk and shabbily dressed, and we had to hide his shame as we waited for the blessings which would ensue once he came to his senses.

Opening of the Vatican II Council in Rome, Oct. 11, 1962

All this work was very closely connected to our desire for the salvation of souls and to rectify the damage caused to the name of the Church by so many prelates. I thought it was something required of those who believed in the hermeneutic of continuity, who in their hearts believed they could somehow reconcile the Church's eternal teachings with the changes brought in by the Council. I now realize it was all a great blunder, because we all thought that under the surface these people's intentions were basically good and that they were simply trying to reach a good end using the wrong method in perfectly good faith. This was not so, as history has shown us all so clearly.

There are those who still need to come away from the errors which defile their good intentions, and must absolutely recognize the subversive nature of Modernism. Too often, those who seek to defend Catholic morals and teachings dare not throw out the spirit of deviancy imposed by Vatican II. They seem to feel they have to pay tribute to the conciliar idol, and to quote from its decrees to make their theses more acceptable. Your Excellency knows full well that it only takes a few drops to turn a barrel of water into deadly poison, and that the acceptable passages in Vatican II are merely a screen used to hide its worst pitfalls.

Protestors fear the path the world is on

The same is true in the world of politics: Those who say they wish to leave aside the errors of globalism seem unable to use any language other than that used by the enemy. Politicians and analysts who want to speak publicly have to accept the preambula regiminis of masonic thought; likewise, any prelate who tries to raise awareness about the crisis in the Church feels he will lose credit if he does not speak in glowing terms about Vatican II. By doing so, they blunt the very edge of the sword they wish to use in battle. The battle, fought in perfect good faith, will not let him undermine the foundations of the citadel where the enemy has barricaded himself in, nor defend their own stronghold, which is thus left unprotected along its most strategic defenses.

The things that are relatively easy to point out to the laity and to ordinary priests are, unfortunately, much more difficult to explain to many of your Excellency's brother bishops. This is probably because they find it so hard to shake off the burden of the last 50 years and to admit that they have been following the wrong path. And yet it is something they need to do: If they fail to disown a complete half-century of lies and deceits, they can never hope to receive the eternal rewards our Lord and Savior promised us. There are very few of us, and we have lost so many important battles, but Our Lord can also let us defeat our most formidable foes. All we have to do is decide to fight under His banner.

So many clerics, bishops and cardinals ... pretend not to see and ... pretend not to hear so they do not have to react.

It has been an enormous pleasure for me to see my fears and worries disappear and to see that Your Excellency shares my realization that compromise is no longer possible. It is no longer a problem of personal prestige , which you, My Lord, very deservedly have in large measure and which you are not afraid to bring to battle — but rather truth itself, by which I mean Our Lord Himself. You are not defending your own personal ideas: you are defending objective truth, to which you cling in perfect consistency. You are like a mirror which, when the steam is wiped away, faithfully reflects all the light it receives.

Cesare Baronio: "Truth cannot be overlooked or avoided"

Now I realize: I draw all my hope from the power and force of undiluted truth, which is necessarily intolerant and divisive. Just as Our Lord is divisive, He who was the stone Who caused those who refused to recognize Him to stumble. This intolerance spurs us into looking for good in others and to have the courage to say that truth cannot be overlooked or avoided, and that those with good intentions must sooner or later recognize it and admit it. We cannot hide from the heat and light of the sun, even if we deny its existence. What is even more important than taking off the conciliar yoke is kindling absolute faith in Our Lord's grace among the ordinary faithful so that they give up the sin of human respect and confess Our Lord, Who is the Truth, and the Way to the Truth and the Life in the Truth.

If we fail to realize how false and ridiculous are the bugbears which Satan raises before us, and if we fail to throw ourselves under the protection of Our Lady's mantle as we wait for that glorious martyrdom which Our Father has prepared for us, however great or small it may be, fighting against error will be a merely intellectual exercise but will not be a sign of virtue. Being cast out by an arrogant tyrant, or mocked by those who know they have no real arguments, or sent away to make room for people whose only claim to fame is compromise and blackmail, being sent to prison or torture, or even death: This is exactly how things happened in the days of St. Athanasius. Every time the political elite reaches a compromise with heresy to attack the Church, it is the same thing we are seeing now. It is the same Cross which Our Lord helps us to carry.

I know Your Excellency is ready to go on preaching the truth, as you have already done so admirably. I am utterly worthless, and yet I dare to hope that the punishments we are about to receive will one day seem trifles. When we are suffering, we must not forget how much help Our Lord gives us. Jacta cogitatum tuum in Domino (Psalm 54:23). Cast all your anxiety on the Lord. Let me assure you, my Lord, that I always remember you in my prayers, especially in front of the Tabernacle. In there resides the divine Prisoner, always ready to fill us with His graces and blessings.

I am, my Lord, your devoted son in Christ,

Cesare Baronio

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