Open Letter to McCarrick

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by Stephen Wynne  •  •  January 13, 2020   

James Grein to abuser: 'Have you repented yet?'

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DETROIT ( - Survivor James Grein has penned an open letter to his abuser, disgraced former cleric Theodore McCarrick, calling him to repentance.
"You and I have spent countless hours in the roles of teacher and student," Grein wrote on Jan. 10. "You tried to teach me the holiness of the​ Sacrament of Reconciliation and penance."
"According to my new spiritual advisor, you were teaching me an incorrect process — incorrect because it was not complete," he continued. "I am not speaking about the abuse you laid upon me during my childhood years ... I am speaking about confession and the true absolution of sins as taught by the Catholic priest, spiritual advisor."

Abuse victim James Grein reads his open letter to disgraced former cleric McCarrick
Grein added that according to his new spiritual advisor, "Neither he nor you can forgive my sins. I must tell you my sins and you must guide me to the presence of God through prayer and meditation."
"Then to complete the sacrament, I must engage with the person ... I harmed by my sin. I must offer my amends," he continued. "Once completed, I ask God for forgiveness, for absolution."
You are coming to the end of your life. When will you complete the Sacrament of Reconciliation and penance?
"You never told me this [that absolution involves making amends with the person harmed]," Grein noted. "I had to travel to Poland to learn this. In Slate magazine you said you were a priest for 60-plus years. ... [I am] not sure why you didn't teach me the traditional Catholic teachings."
"So, Theodore ... you are coming to the end of your life. Have you started the process?" he asked. "You may have asked God for forgiveness and spoken to another priest; but that is not the process Jesus Christ gave us. When will you complete the Sacrament of Reconciliation and penance?" 
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