Our Fragile, Divided Nation Can’t Risk a War With Russia

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by John Zmirak  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 14, 2022   

Biden's folly will accelerate destruction of Christendom

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Russia stands on the brink of invading Ukraine — and the United States is threatening war to keep the Russians out. I could write thousands of words on how insanely reckless our elites are to risk such a futile war on the other side of the globe — to meddle in the quarrels of two countries that were one country for more than 500 years, until 1991.

Instead, let me direct you to Antiwar.com's detailed coverage. Did you know, for instance, that the United States has rocket launchers in Poland and Romania that could rain down Tomahawks on downtown Moscow? President Putin would like those removed, as President Kennedy wanted Russian missiles removed from Cuba.

News Report: Brink of War

Did you know that the United States promised post-communist Russia we wouldn't push NATO right up against her borders? Then we disregarded that promise and did exactly that. How would we like to see Canada, Cuba and Mexico join a revived Warsaw Pact with Moscow? I don't think we'd put up with it. Why expect the Russians to? American exceptionalism means many things. It doesn't mean we're exempt from the rules of fair play with other nations.

G.W. Bush Didn't Promise a Genocide of Christians

Let me remind those of you who expected the Iraqis to greet our tanks with flowers of war's unintended consequences (In Iraq, those included the genocide of 75% of Christians.) — not death and destruction; those are what war intends. It means to kill tens of thousands, trash cities and factories, make widows and orphans and cripples. No, I speak of the slow-acting poisons that war injects into our bloodstream.

Modern war, with its nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, has a vastly bigger footprint than say, the War of Jenkins' Ear. Waging war after 1900 or so became the equivalent of turning Godzilla loose on your enemy's crowded cities while he sends King Kong after yours.

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