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by Paul Murano  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  April 29, 2020   

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As America's bishops prepare to consecrate the United States to Mary May 1, some Catholics are recalling one of the lesser-known, yet more important Marian apparitions of the past century.

Our Lady of America first appeared to Sr. Mary Ephrem in 1956. Devotee, Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger, sums up her message: "She said she was coming to promote the dignity and sanctity of family life."

While Mary appeared in Fatima earlier in the century to warn us to avoid a communist revolution, she appeared in Indiana in the 1950s to warn America away from the impending sexual revolution.

Referring to herself as "Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Conception," she came three years before the birth control pill was patented, and the revolt against the Sixth Commandment was unleashed.

"She wanted Americans to be promoters of purity throughout the world. Can you imagine? In the 1950s Our Lady came here and said 'I want Americans to be promoters of the virtue of purity throughout the world,'" Geiger said.

With the growth of mass media and its unparalleled global influence, the United States had a golden opportunity to spread Christian values across the world.

However, Geiger lamented: "Look what happened in the 1960s, with the cultural revolution, and with Hollywood and everything else — we have promulgated impurity throughout the world."

She pleaded for purity; America gave her a revolution against chastity, which would inevitably evolve into an abortion Culture of Death.

Faithful Catholics hope the May 1 consecration to Our Lady will mark the beginning of a renewal of repentance and a fresh outpouring of grace on the United States.

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