Our Lady of America: Hope for Our Nation

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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 6, 2016   

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By Mary Walker

Our Lady of America, Immaculate Virgin, Mediatrix of Grace, we beg your intercession!

Our hope lies in our Blessed Mother's intercessory prayers for us. People from all over the country go to the polls Tuesday. What does that mean for us Catholics? We must continue to focus our attention more on our spiritual efforts to ask our Blessed Mother's help in providing our nation with a new president.

The United States has been in a tailspin for so many years, with immoral and unethical medical practices through government-sponsored contraception and abortion, and more recently, euthanasia. In the upcoming election, our only hope is the Rosary and penance.

Our Blessed Mother has offered help to the United States in Her appearance as Our Lady of America to Sr. Mary Ephrem in the archdiocese of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Our Lady of America first appeared to Sr. Mary on November 15, 1956, and requested that Her image be drawn and later made into a statue to be solemnly processed by the U.S. bishops into the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in our nation's capital. Our Blessed Mother also requested that a medal be struck with Her image: as Our Lady of America on one side, and the coat of arms of the Christian Family on the other side.

The coat of arms is significant, because it represents the private revelation to Sr. Mary of the indwelling of the Holy Trinity, emphasizing purity and selflessness, all of which our Blessed Mother is the perfect example. She is the Immaculate Conception, Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Fount of Grace. Our Lady promised to safeguard against evil anyone wearing the medal with faith and devotion.

We must all turn to Her during this election and especially in the days after to gain Her protection of families, our nation and ourselves. Our Lady of America promised graces and miracles greater than Fatima and Lourdes combined here in the United States, as well as telling Sr. Mary that the United States will lead the world to the peace of Christ.

But our Blessed Mother also warned:

Dear children, unless the United States accepts and carries out faithfully the mandate given it by Heaven to lead the world to peace, there will come upon it and all nations a great havoc of war and incredible suffering. If, however, the United States is faithful to this mandate from Heaven, and yet fails in the pursuit of peace because the rest of the world will not accept or cooperate, then the United States will not be burdened with the punishment about to fall.

Our Lady goes further in her admonition. In August 1957, She said:

What am I to do, child of my heart, when my children turn from me? The false peace of this world lures them and in the end will destroy them. They think they have done enough in consecrating themselves to my Immaculate Heart. It is not enough. That which I ask for and is most important many have not given me. What I ask, have asked, and will continue to ask is reformation of life. There must be sanctification from within. I will work my miracles of grace only in those who ask for them and empty their souls of the love and attachment to sin and all that is displeasing to my Son. Souls who cling to sin cannot have their hands free to receive the treasures of grace that I hold out to them.

These revelations are both disturbing and promising. If we, as individuals, can pray and do penance and call others to join us — family members, friends, acquaintances, work associates, and anyone we know who is concerned about the future of our nation — we have hope.

Winston Churchill once said regarding political adversaries:

Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in, except in convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

More importantly, we have our recently canonized Pope St. John Paul II who entreated us: "I plead with you — never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid."

We must not yield to the enemy, the evil one. We must pray, pray, pray. Then we must pray even more. Our eternal souls are in danger. We are in treacherous times in this amoral world. We must fast, abstain, mortify ourselves of everyday pleasures or things we enjoy; we must do penance. We must attend daily Mass whenever we can, visit our Beloved Lord in the Blessed Sacrament whenever possible.

Ask Our Lady of America, Immaculate Virgin, to help us as a nation to return to living God-centered lives — not just today, or until the election is over. The future of our nation, and our families, our loved ones, depends on it.

Blessed Mother, Immaculate Virgin, Our Lady of America, You are our only hope. In Your mercy, dear Blessed Mother, intercede for us.

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