Our Lady of Las Lajas: Miracle Imprinted in Stone

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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 10, 2019   

Arm yourself with Our Lady's weapons

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By Fr. Paul John Kalchik

Part I of this article reviewed the lingering mystery of Our Lady of Guadalupe and science's inability to explain its miraculous nature. Let's now move on to the phenomenal, earth-shattering, rock-solid proof of the Faith that is the portrait of Our Lady of Las Lajas. If you have never heard about this apparition before, don't feel bad, as many evil men and women over the past three centuries have worked hard to play down and eliminate from general knowledge this apparition.

This is not like Our Lady of Fatima, where only the message remains but no physical miracle still exists. The image of Our Lady of Las Lajas is rock solid! And no amount of time will erase it. Let me explain.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Las Lajas

The image of Our Lady of Lajas and devotion to this image dates back to the year 1754. That was the height of the Enlightenment and when many Illuminati pranced the palaces of Europe's capitals, slapping one another on the back. They slapped one another on the back as their takeover of the world was in the bag!

The sheer stupidity and arrogance of Europe's kings and queens is remarkable. They fully embraced the lie that science disproved God's existence as it gave them license to live lives of dissipation. But by their welcome of these learned men into their courts, they also welcomed their own deaths and the dissolution of monarchal rule. They did not carry the thought to its logical conclusion: "Since God does not exist, God-ordained monarchies should not exist as well."

What power can we use immediately from the "everlasting" miracle of Our Lady of Lajas? This image is composed of the rock of the grotto itself! It is not just some surface rock discoloration, but the rock itself is pigmented feet deep, into the heart of the mountain itself. Cores have been taken.

This image of Our Lady holding Jesus, flanked by Her companions St. Francis and St. Dominic, is in its pristine rock-solid glory, an argument against all the atheists, Freemasons, devil worshipers and such, who like to prance the courts of our modern capitals, slapping one another on the back, congratulating each other, saying, "We have this game all in the bag" or, "Science proves there is no God, science proves there is no truth, science proves nothing really matters, except power! Therefore step aside all weaklings, we the enlightened have the might and the right to rule!"

Las Lajas Sanctuary in Ipiales, Colombia

Let's pause to check on whether or not you are still on board. Mary is our five-star general and she has given us some very powerful weapons to win this battle. And to review for just a moment, she has given humanity two "everlasting portraits" of Herself to use for our own individual spiritual fortification but also for our use in bringing down the fortifications of the atheists, devil worshipers, Freemasons and the like.

Miraculous image of Our Lady of Las Lajas

If you look closely at our enemies and their fortifications, their bulwarks are fundamentally constructed with stones of pseudo-science, which are held together by shameless arrogance for mortar. Culturally the footings for these bulwarks were initiated during the Enlightenment, which was not really enlightened.

Today, in this new millennium, which is also not enlightened, the bulwarks of the enemy appear phenomenally tall and grand. But, the stones of these fortifications are only held together by the weak mortar of arrogance. Show true humility to the face of arrogance and the stones of these bulwarks will tumble.

Take this to heart: Show true humility to the face of arrogance and the stones of these bulwarks will tumble, the stones of pseudo-science, false religions, neo-paganism and their like.

And you might ask at this point where do the first real skirmishes begin for the troops in this battle of battles. Right in your own home!

This is no surprise. All of us have families which to varying degrees are fractured and divided by the lies! No family can sit down to an evening meal without escaping the hateful influences of the devil, who has taken control of our culture and society at large. "Oh Dad, do I really have to go to Church with you on Sunday morning, we have a big game in the afternoon and I have to rest up for it! Our team winning the game is more important than Church!" or, "Mom, I've had sex with my boyfriend a couple of times now, he is so in love with me, but it's all good, we've been using protection" or, "Dad, do you mind, but this Sunday I would like to go with my girlfriend to her church, she says that they have some really cool music. You know how boring the music scene is at Saint James!"

And these are just a few tame examples, names withheld, of today’s fractured Catholic families.

Winning this battle begins at home with the conversion of all members of one's own family! Dads need to talk to their children about the truth of the Faith. Moms need to share with all their children the blessings of being a mother and the important role of motherhood for the future of this world.

Grandpas need to talk to their grandchildren about the blessings of keeping all of God's law. Grandmas need to shower that unconditional love upon all their grandchildren, as well as their prayers. Families are the fundamental unit of the Church, and the foot soldier who has a strong, faith-filled, totally Catholic and apostolic family, will ensure the victory of the battle for their community and for the world.

Secondly, after the home front has been won over, the next front to conquer in this battle is at work. All work venues these days are populated with many atheists, agnostics and worse. You can quickly recognize these enemy agents by their arrogance; they reek from it as they pontificate at the water cooler.

They know everything about everything talk endlessly about things like population control, sex, global warming, sex, hate crimes, sex, money, sex, video games, sex, hot Netflix shows and, of course, sex. And much, much worse, and with less than gentlemanly or ladylike language.

The footsoldier who is serious about winning this battle will bring the fight, and the light, into work with him or her. Take out the eternal photos that Our Blessed Mother has given us for the battle and talk with your co-workers about them.

But do not be afraid. The Blessed Virgin Mary is our general, and She has this all under control.

"My friend, I've just learned something very interesting. Have you ever heard about the story of Our Lady of Las Lajas, we'd say Our Lady of the Rocks, in Columbia? Mary actually left a picture of Herself as well as Saints Dominic and Francis in rock, many feet deep. Scientists can't explain how it got there, it’s not painted on, and the color goes many feet deep into the rock? It really makes you think, doesn't it?"

And so forth. The battle will be won by winning as many souls as possible from the hands of the enemy. So, troops, "Do not be afraid." Engage the enemy as the battle must be won! And it will be won in the battlefield of the home and in the battlefield of the office.

Let me remind everyone that it's crucial for those in combat to stay close to the commander in chief at all times. Say your Rosary daily, receive the sacraments of the Church regularly, avoid any and all sin — and pray. And then pray some more!

The first fruit of prayer is peace. Hearts will not be converted by any footsoldier if the soldier does not demonstrate by their actions the true peace that comes from God and is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Pray, offer penance as a sacrifice for the conversion of souls and then pray some more.

The problem with these immortal, malignant enemies is that simple arm-to-arm combat will not vanquish them. But do not be afraid. The Blessed Virgin Mary is our general, and She has this all under control. She has the big spiritual guns, and she will be more than happy to assist you as a foot soldier in your own personal struggles and skirmishes in this epic war, in your home, at work and in your community.

Jesus said, "Do not be afraid; I am with you until the end of the age" (Matthew 28:20). Might Jesus be saying to us now, "And if you forget what I look like, please look to My Mother; I have left everlasting pictures of her to remind you of all my promises. She is with you as well."

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