Outrage at Bishops Shows No Signs of Stopping

by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 7, 2018   

Layman: 'You take no action to purge the evildoers from your ranks, while those abused continue to suffer'

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DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) - Catholics across the country are outraged at the leadership in the Church for allowing a serial sexual predator like the former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick to rise to power. According to multiple sources, clerical and lay, McCarrick's predation was an open secret in the Church, whispered about but never confronted, even while McCarrick was the public face of the response to the 2002 sex abuse crisis.

Catholic layman Dan Pillitteri wrote a scathing email to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and is granting Church Militant permission to republish it. His letter is a small taste of the anger so many Catholics across the nation are feeling towards the bishops.


On a recent radio show, Gus Lloyd asked his listeners how upset they were about the revelations concerning Cardinal McCarrick and many other cardinals and bishops who knew of his sexual abuse over the life of his priesthood. My personal response would be a 10, or highly outraged! Many have not read of the Pennsylvania dioceses where the same activity is becoming public knowledge with an 880-page report on the years of abuse and the cover-ups by the bishops. Add to that the diocese of Saginaw, and a picture emerges of the Princes of the Church being some of the most corrupt, perverted men in any field of endeavor.

Their sins of the flesh are one thing, their abuse of their flocks is unacceptable. They have been raping children, butchering those that attempt to stop them, driving good men from the priesthood and exacting retribution on anyone who stands in their way. It is clear the entirety of the USCCB is guilty, either by their own sins and cover-up, or by remaining silent while the laity is abused and bilked. You have replaced the teachings of Christ and Gospel with the claptrap of social justice to try and cover your sins. You let priests tour the country selling homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle, all the while ignoring the teachings of Christ, the dogma and doctrine and Catechism of the Church.

I am reminded of the Gospel passage of Christ throwing the money changers out of the temple. Those who despoiled His Father's house were thrashed with a whip, their tables turned over and saw Christ in a rage over their treatment of the pilgrims who came to the temple. Should I/we the laity show any less rage against each of you? Christ died on the cross, penniless, powerless, almost totally alone. You bishops live in opulence, wield much of your power for evil, ignore the teachings of the Church and serve the Prince of Darkness and the princes of this world.

You have abandoned your flock to be decimated by the worldly wolves. Which of the Apostles lived as you do?

You have abandoned your flock to be decimated by the worldly wolves. Which of the Apostles lived as you do? Which of the Apostles did not give their lives in martyrdom or died imprisoned for the faith? Which of you have or would make such sacrifice? The lucid current observation is that none of you would live and die for Christ. You live for your own aggrandizement, pleasure, power and wealth.

You had the audacity to send letters to all the parishes in America on immigration, but ignore your own sins and those of your fellow bishops. You take no action to purge the evildoers from your ranks, while those abused continue to suffer. You drive men and women both from serving God, and you stand idle while the Church in America shrinks and is destroyed because of your actions and inaction.

You are far worse than the Scribes and Pharisees whom Christ spoke of often on their failings.

Your ranks need to be purged, cut out like the cancer you are. I expect no response to this email as most of you and your chancelleries are filled with moral and spiritual cowards. Chancelleries who do nothing to defend the Faith, the laity and the most vulnerable among us. You have failed to build the Body of Christ on Earth. How many more souls will leave the Church because of these revelations? Not one penny more from my pocket except to my local parish, run by an honorable, moral and ethical priest.

I will pray daily for all of you to repent, resign and deal with the demons that have driven you to this point of failure to serve Our Lord and His flock.


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