PA College Student Booted for Challenging Gender Ideology

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by Stephen Wynne  •  •  March 14, 2018   

Senior Lake Ingle expelled from class for conservative views

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INDIANA, Pa. ( - A Pennsylvania college student is speaking out after being barred from class for refuting gender ideology.

Lake Ingle, a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, was expelled from "Christianity 481: Self, Sin and Salvation" earlier this month after pointing out that biologists recognize only the male and female sex.

A conservative libertarian, Ingle made the comment after his instructor, Dr. Alison Downie, showed students a TED talk featuring a transgender ex-pastor. At the end of the video, Downie asked her female students for their perspective.

Objecting to the professor's comments on "the reality of white male privilege," Ingle spoke up, accusing her of feminist bias and pointing out that gender ideology is refuted by scientific fact.

"It was during my objection that Dr. Downie attempted to silence me because I am not a woman," he said.

"My professor pretty much just tried to shut me up because she was just letting women speak," Ingle told Fox News. "I brought up the fact that biologists don't agree that there are more than two genders." 

My professor is violating my First Amendment rights because of the fact that my views and ideology are different from hers.

Downie, whose academic focus is "Christian feminist theology," responded the next day by kicking Ingle out of class.

She filed an official complaint, accusing Ingle of "disrespectful objection," "refusal to stop talking out of turn," "angry outbursts in response to being required to listen to a trans speaker discuss the reality of white male privilege and sexism," "disrespectful references to the validity of trans identity and experience" and "disrespectful claim ... of professor's personal prejudice."

Following the suspension, Indiana University Provost Timothy Moerland issued a letter requiring Ingle to apologize to his fellow students and then listen as they describe how his comment made them feel:

Lake will write an apology to the professor, which specifically addresses each of the disrespectful behaviors described above, demonstrating ability to take responsibility for inappropriate behavior which has significantly damaged the learning environment of this course. He will explain the importance of an atmosphere of safety for an educational environment, acknowledge how his class behavior has significantly damaged this classroom atmosphere and explain how he will demonstrate respect for the professor, the course material and all fellow students at each remaining class session. On March 8, Lake will begin class with an apology to the class for his behavior and then listen in silence as the professor and/or any student who wishes to speak shares how he or she felt during Lake's disrespectful and disruptive outbursts on February 28.

Ingle is accusing Downing of violating his free speech rights

Professor Alison Downie

"My professor is violating my First Amendment rights because of the fact that my views and ideology is different from hers," Ingle told Fox News. "So, she took it on herself to silence and embarrass me — bully me — for speaking up in class."

"It is my firmest belief that every human being has the freedom and right to identify, dress and represent oneself as they see fit," he added. "I think this is all an attempt to silence my views personally because they contradict the ones she pushes in class so evidently."

A religious studies major, Ingle needs to complete Downie's course in order to graduate in May.

The pair met with the university Academic Integrity Board last Friday; a final ruling on his status is set for March 19. 

Ingle's career goal is to become a university professor, where he hopes to help restore ideological balance to academia.

"When you see that kind of misuse of intellectual power, you want to be the person that comes back and does it responsibly and with morals," he said. "Instead of being the purveyor of your ideology, you can be an educator."

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