Pandemic Panic

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  November 5, 2020   

A Wuhan weapon for American Marxist Revolution

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Socialists require division and desolation to usher in communism. Race wars have been just one tool of the Left. The other is chaos from the imposition of lockdowns and mask mandates to coerce a cultural revolution — allowing for State control at the expense of civil liberty.

President Trump: "Biden said he opposes letting young Americans resume their lives, even though most are at extremely low risk — 99.99 ... now as an example, I had it and here I am."

A reasonable mind cannot comprehend submitting to tyranny over a minimal threat. As seen here, survival rates for all ages, young to old, is favorably high, leading to resistance from the rational, and so normal behavior is targeted for attack by mass media and Democratic talking heads.

Former vice president Biden: "We're about to go into a dark winter — a dark winter."

Socialism-communism is absolute control over the individual. Its victory over a people is complete when there is near-universal consensus. In the pre-Communist West, there is not yet full control of the message, though dissent is being stifled.

Doctors and other medical professionals in the tens of thousands worldwide, concerned by the irrational response to the Wuhan virus, have written and signed on to the Great Barrington Declaration.

Dr. Sunetra Gupta says, "We are putting on the table an alternative strategy for dealing with the current crisis, which protects the vulnerable but at the same time allows us to minimize the damage done particularly to the young and the disadvantaged sectors of our population."

The Marxist media does not want the American people to hear the simple message that society is actually able to grow and develop through disease.

A Joe Biden presidency of Green New Deals and complete reliance on the State would be a dream for bureaucrats — but poverty, hunger and systemic health repression for everyone else.

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