Pandemic Persecution

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by Joseph Enders  •  •  March 10, 2021   

A perfect excuse to fight the faithful

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Today marks one year since the pro-China World Health Organization declared the Wuhan Virus a "pandemic," and the lockdowns continue. Not only do they continue — as the media, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and vaccine manufacturers promised they wouldn't — the restrictions are now ramping up.

COVID-vaccine passport

The advocacy for more China-virus crackdown is now coming from corporate America (as if Bill Gates telling you to triple your grocery bill on synthetic meat wasn't enough). Airlines are now asking the government to require a so-called "COVID-vaccine passport" in order to travel both domestically and internationally.

What's next for the United States under Biden? Will it take Canada's lead and create quarantine jails for travelers, forcing them to be locked away in a hotel for 14 days straight? Will everyone be mandated, by law, to wear masks while crossing state lines, despite the CDC admitting masks were 0.5% effective in the first 20 days of mask mandates and only 2% effective after that?

These sorts of hijinks lead any sane person of goodwill to suspect foul play. Why is there this vociferous desire to make everyone's lives worse? It's unacceptable.

If it were truly about saving lives, how could it be that a populous state like Florida is ranked 27th in per-capita COVID deaths whilst simultaneously having no mask mandate? How could it be that South Dakota — a state that never had lockdowns or mask mandates — is ranked 8th? And, notably, why on earth is it that every single one of the top four highest-ranked states on the death-rate list has employed lockdown measures that are among the nation's strictest? Sorry CDC, they ain't working.

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No one is saying the virus is fake. No one is saying people who lost precious loved ones to this deadly disease matter less. In fact, every single Catholic should be praying for the defeat of the China virus.

This, however, does not justify using police to block entrances to a church. It doesn't justify towing people's cars for parking on the street either — like lesbian mayor Lori Lightfoot did to a Protestant congregation in Chicago last spring. 

But that pastor fought back, unlike the Catholic bishops nearby. Catholic prelates, meanwhile, forced parishioners at Divine Mercy Polish Mission Church (in Lombard, Illinois) to kneel on the concrete and witness Holy Mass through a doorway. Across the street, Muslims flooded their mosque's parking lot for its weekly indoor worship service.

This is more than a pandemic. It is persecution. So keep in mind that the deadliest pathogens in the air these days are corruption, cowardice and greed.

Cowardly prelates might as well be playing on the same team as the corrupt statesmen. They capitulate to Democrats like Andrew Cuomo, who exploit this disease to advance their own political power. Don't believe it? Ask why New York wants to establish internment camps for so-called "public health threats."

This is more than a pandemic. It is persecution. So keep in mind that the deadliest pathogens in the air these days are corruption, cowardice and greed. Don't be fooled by the theatrics and alarmism.

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