‘Paradise to Purgatory’

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by Kim Tisor  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 16, 2021   

San Francisco sullied by leftist policies

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For decades, San Francisco has been known for its landmarks, fine dining and picture-perfect weather, attracting tourists and new residents alike. But as Church Militant's Kim Tisor explains, unfathomable changes have led to a growing discontentment among those who call San Francisco home.

The Golden City attracted a steady stream of people beginning with the gold rush of 1848. The city quickly became a hub of commerce, manufacturing and the arts. Tourism boomed throughout the 20th century. Today's San Francisco is unrecognizable.

It's all a result of failed leadership from the Left, from the likes of fake-Catholic Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco's representative for more than 30 years.  Also, thanks to radicalism by the city's former attorney general, Kamala Harris, and the city's former mayor (another fake Catholic), Gavin Newsom, the city has become a shell of its former self.
Liberal policies and reforms have morphed the city into an actualized dystopia wrought with skyrocketing crime, soaring home prices, widespread homelessness and streets littered with drug needles and human feces. It's no surprise that a recent poll suggests more than half of those in the Bay Area intend to leave in the next few years.
Victor Davis Hanson, conservative commentator/author: "Half the people polled in San Francisco — they want out. And these are very liberal progressives that want out of what they once thought was paradise." 

Hanson: "They took a paradise and turned it into Purgatory."

With San Francisco's residents beginning to look for greener pastures, one wonders if people living in other pockets of radical liberalism will follow suit, and how this will change the landscape of America.

While 56% of residents want to leave San Francisco, a whopping 71% say the quality of life in the greater Bay Area is worse now compared to just five years ago.

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