Parents Withdraw 6-Year-Old Son Accused of Misgendering Classmate

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  September 12, 2017   

Michelle Cretella: "No one is born trapped in the wrong body"

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PORTSMOUTH, UK ( - Parents removed their 6-year-old son from a British school after the boy was disciplined for so-called misgendering a transgender classmate.

The story broke Monday of a Christian couple in the U.K. whose 6-year-old son was confused by a transgender boy appearing as a girl and by the school staff, telling their son to address the male classmate as a female. The parents, Sally and Nigel Rowe, related how they were the ones accused of being "transphobic" for not accepting that a boy could become a girl. Reaching out to the Christian Legal Centre, which claims to legally defend Christians, they were told by staff, "If you don't accept that this boy is a real girl then you are deemed transphobic," recounts Mrs. Rowe.

Church Militant reached out to Michelle Cretella, president of American College of Pediatricians (ACPEDS), who blasted the notion that boys can become girls. "Let us be very clear: biological sex cannot be changed. A boy cannot become a girl," affirmed Cretella. "Our bodies tell us who and what we are. This is an experiential and scientific fact. No one is born trapped in the wrong body; twin studies alone prove that post-birth factors are the primary cause of transgender feelings and beliefs."

The parents related how they were concerned for their son who was being emotionally overwhelmed by the transgender environment fostered by the school. "When he got home from school one day, he said: 'Daddy I'm confused. There's a boy in my class who says he's now a boy but then sometimes he's a girl,'" said the father. They also recounted how on one occasion he came home from school "totally drained" by the confusion. The mother commented how it all happened so suddenly and without warning. "We felt it was just done," said the mother. "One day a boy, next day, girl, no consultation."

Cretella told Church Militant that exposing children to gender dysphoria at such a young age harms children. "Prior to age seven or eight, we should expect to find children who are exposed to transgender ideology to be confused and distressed, even to the point of having their own normal gender identity development derailed," said Cretella. "Our physical bodies are one of the first physical realities we encounter as children and the basis for all of our future reality testing. If our children cannot trust the biological reality of their physical bodies what — and who — can they trust?"

There is no question that transgender ideology threatens the psychological, cognitive and emotional development of young children.

The parents removed their son from the school because he was "becoming increasingly unhappy at school to the point where he was under stress." They had previously removed their son from school two months prior over the same issue. The parents said, "He kept on getting ill, but when he was ill it seemed like a relief he was out of that environment." They further stated that during holidays he'd ask how many days were left before the next term began.

The BBC, which interviewed the Rowes, asked Jane Fae, an LGBT activist, for her comments. "What I'm seeing is an extremist Christian sect," remarked Fae, who then likened the parents' position to that of the terrorist group ISIS. Cretella, however, backed the parents confirming they were right to be duly concerned as transgender confusion, especially at such early age, can seriously harm children. "There is no question that transgender ideology threatens the psychological, cognitive and emotional development of young children, as well as adolescents. ... Adolescence is not the time to offer up a delusional identity for them to try."

The parents did speak with the teachers involved. They said the school staff told them, "We have no choice. We have to accept this. Otherwise, I could even lose my job." After looking into it deeper, they were told that The Equality Act of 2010 demanded that schools foster transgender ideology.

Cretella emphatically sided with the parents. "Yes. If parents are not able to eradicate transgender ideology from their school, I do recommend that they pull their children," she stated.


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