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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  June 3, 2020   

Coaching young Catholics on crisis

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TUOLUMNE, Calif. ( - A budding 16-year-old journalist from California, armed with boldness and a YouTube channel, requested an interview with Church Militant's Michael Voris and got it.

Alexander Horat

Alexander Horat launched The Free American Press on YouTube a few years ago. His mission was to be part of the broadcast army of people helping to return the United States to its constitutional roots.

Horat was also on Twitter and had nearly 20,000 followers before he was banned. He doesn't know why he was banned. Twitter would never respond to his inquiries, but his best guess is that he was banned for writing about communism in Venezuela.

When asked how he happened to become a follower of Church Militant, the homeschooled teen said his dad put him onto it: "My dad watched The Vortex and liked what Michael was saying."

The family is also friends with a priest who follows Church Militant and who tried to schedule Voris to be a speaker before the local, Catholic hierarchy put the schnitz on the idea.

In the wide-ranging, 60-minute interview, a recurring theme was the internal politics of Catholicism and the reality of corruption. For example, Alexander asked Voris, "Why has the Catholic hierarchy become more favorable to abortion?"

Michael amended the question, "I don't think you can say they are more favorable to it in the sense of promotion, like positively favorable to it. But I think you would have to say they have become less outspoken about the evil of abortion. It's really because abortion creates this political divide."

Twitter would never respond to his inquiries, but his best guess is that he was banned for writing about communism in Venezuela.

Voris explained the unfortunate fact that the Church's most powerful bishops support the liberal position on nearly every issue: immigration, climate change, health care, higher taxes, mail-in voting. The only exception is abortion, he noted; since they are in lockstep with the Left on every other issue, he noted, the easiest option is to avoid the topic as much as possible.

"Because U.S. bishops are more political animals, more bureaucrats, they're more worried about things of the world than they are about intrinsic evils and right and wrong, the moral aspect of things," Voris continued.

"There are some who are loudmouthed, pushing the leftist agenda, just not saying anything about abortion," he said. "Then there are other ones who are more conservative in their views, who are weak men, who don't want to challenge the other bishops because they are the more powerful bishops — they have the larger dioceses around the country, they have greater influence, they are always in the media."

"So you have this bishop-against-bishop dynamic which is very troublesome because the bad guys push back things and the good guys don't say anything," he explained. "It's not a good look for the Church."

So you have this bishop-against-bishop dynamic which is very troublesome because the bad guys push back things and the good guys don't say anything.

"Do you think the Masonic order has infiltrated the Catholic Church?" Horat asked.

"Yes," Voris answered. "Certainly the ideology — probably a few members, individual members as well at different levels."

"You have to really understand what Freemasonry is. It is a system whose kind of charter, at the outset, was the destruction of the Church," Voris explained. "You could say that it's 'just business,' nothing personal, but they have a worldview. Freemasonry, that system of beliefs, has a worldview that runs completely contrary, in opposition to the Catholic worldview."

Voris continued:

Once the lodges in England came together in 1717 — the Scottish Rite and the York Rite — and formed the Grand Lodge, its mission became to destroy the Catholicity of Europe, taking advantage of what Martin Luther had done 200 years earlier, building on that, and toppling over the Catholic way of life, making it more secular. The easiest way to do that was to get inside the Church and operate from the inside and as well as the outside. Three-hundred years later, since 1717, they've done yeoman's work. They've done a pretty good job.

Voris is eager to interact with the next generation of journalists. "What the Marxist left has been so good at is perverting generations in their youth — spiritually and intellectually. We have to begin to reverse that trend," he said.

Alexander's current ambition is to attend Patrick Henry College (PHC), a private classical liberal arts college founded in 1998 by Michael Farris, founder and chairman of the board of the Home School Legal Defense Association, with which PHC is still closely connected.

In recent days, the Home School Legal Defense Association has been actively involved in keeping homeschool families abreast of Harvard's attacks on homeschooling.

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