Michael Voris Tackles Predator Prelates on Conservative Radio

by Stephen Wynne  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 25, 2018   

Tells talk radio host Pat Campbell: 'They've got to go'

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TULSA, Oklahoma (ChurchMilitant.com) - On Tuesday, conservative talk radio host Pat Campbell hosted Church Militant's Michael Voris to discuss the latest scandal in the Church: members of the hierarchy sexually abusing their subordinates.

Campbell got the ball rolling, pinpointing the root of the problem: "I'm going to call them what they are: predatory homosexuals, and they have unfortunately infiltrated the priesthood — the highest ranks — and now, this has to be dealt with."

With Cdl. Theodore McCarrick's abuse coming to light, "The chickens have come home to roost," he declared.

Voris explained how the scandal broke. He began by distinguishing between the well-known scandal of priests abusing minors and the emerging scandal of homosexuals in the hierarchy scouring seminaries for prey.

"Some of the gay guys in the priesthood go after minors. ... But there is also a much larger problem," he told Campbell.

"In the specific case of Cdl. McCarrick," he recounted, "a victim came forward ... they investigated, they found the charges were credible and then they announced it."

This is what happens when you have 50 years of never talking about Hell or anything else. The guys in charge of all that don't talk about it because they're all going there.

He noted that though McCarrick's crimes have shocked many U.S. Catholics, for many others — particularly those working inside the Church — the revelations are not at all surprising.

"He's an active gay," Voris said, pointing out that McCarrick has been hunting young men "for virtually his entire priesthood." He recounted how McCarrick would target seminarians he found appealing, accosting them at his beach house after plying them with drinks.

But, he clarified:

What you have here isn't ... abuse of minors. This is a whole other thing that's never really come to light that much in the Church: the case of sexually abusive bishops or priests in authority over a younger male seminarian or priest and taking advantage of him. ... It really is a #MeToo thing and it needs to be addressed.

Voris explained that, after the clerical sex abuse crisis broke in 2002, the U.S. bishops gathered in Dallas to grapple with the fallout. Though crafting a statement for the protection of minor children and young adults, the hierarchy never addressed the issue of bishops sexually accosting seminarians or other adults.

"They never went into that," Voris said, noting that, unlike in corporate America, "There is no process in the Church right now" for redress. "If you feel you're sexually abused or sexually harassed, or whatever, there's no reporting route for that."

"The reason there isn't," he added, "is because there are so many bishops that have so much to hide. They don't want this coming out. McCarrick was a nuclear bomb that went off and really opened up the floodgates on this now."

Pat Campbell, conservative talk radio host

"What about this abuse of power?" Campbell asked. "Because this is like corporate America, where you've got a bishop or a cardinal that is using their position of influence in a predatory nature over somebody that's working underneath them."

"Absolutely!" Voris replied. "First of all, it's sinful. This is what happens when you have 50 years of never talking about Hell or anything else. The guys in charge of all that don't talk about it because they're all going there."

Voris reminded listeners that predator prelates defile their holy priesthood.

"These men are abusing their sacred office like Judas did, and they're doing it for their own advantage," he said. "Judas did it for money, these guys are doing it for sex."

The bishops are "completely unrepentant," he continued. "They never want to talk about any of this stuff. That so many of the U.S. bishops haven't resigned en masse tells you just how obstinate they are in their pride."

Voris stressed that the problem is so widespread, and so deeply entrenched, that logically, legions of prelates must have been complicit in allowing it to flourish.

"There is no way that they did not have some role in all of this, this whole abuse of sex," he said. "Whether it was with minors, whether it was with seminarians, they knew about it — they participated in it; they winked and nodded and looked the other way; they covered it up."

Pope Benedict XVI decried the "filth" in the Church

"Because of the destruction it has brought on the faithful," he continued, "any bishop who has touched this problem in any way, and did not try to solve the problem, needs to resign. For the good of his own soul, he needs to resign his office."

"Am I mistaken?" Campbell interjected. "Aren't active homosexuals ... or homosexual males ... aren't they supposed to be excluded from the priesthood? Did they change that? How did these guys get in?"

"The gay bishops or the bishops sympathetic to the whole gay thing in the United States, of which there are dozens and dozens and dozens ... simply ignore the Vatican," Voris answered.

"That's why, at the end of the day, all this has to come out," he continued. "It's like 'Drain the Swamp' with Trump in D.C. ... There is no desire among the leadership of the Church to change anything. And they just let it go on and on."

Voris stressed that the only way to purge the Church of this "filth," as Pope Benedict XVI described it on Good Friday 2005, is from the outside. "Organizations like ours, Church Militant; the secular press; the government getting involved ... this is the only way to get it changed. The change has to come from the outside because it will never come from within."

"These guys are too comfortable," he added. "They've bought a worldview that there's no Hell. They're unaccountable. And that simply is not tolerable in the Church established by Jesus Christ. Absolutely not. They've got to go."

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