Paternal Abortion Veto?

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by Paul Murano  •  •  February 17, 2021   

Fathers' rights advocates rejoice

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Father: "I'm the father of five ... but got to raise only three of them."

A new bill proposed last week in the Volunteer State would allow fathers to have veto power over their preborn child's unjust execution.

Senator Pody: "If he can prove that a court says that he is the father, the biological father, then he has rights to what's going on with his son or daughter."

Sponsored by Republican state Sen. Mark Pody and Rep. Jerry Sexton, the proposed bill states, "A person may petition a court to prohibit a woman who is pregnant with the person's unborn child from obtaining an abortion."

Preacher: "Accept responsibility for this new life."

The law would allow the biological father whose child is slated to be killed to file an injunction for a hearing. He'd then have 14 days to prove his paternity in order to save his child's life.

Senator Pody believes a father should have the opportunity to raise his child.

Senator Pody: "It took two of them to create this human being, and we believe they should have the opportunity to raise that child."

This could be the first father's rights law in the nation legally recognizing the paternity of an unborn child.

If the judge issues the injunction, the mother would be liable to criminal penalty if she then chooses to have the child killed.

Father: "My son's 8 years old, and he completely changed my life."

Pro-lifers and fathers' rights proponents are delighted with the bill, while advocates of prenatal murder are incensed.

Fathers taking responsibility for their children is a universally admired trait. Hence, an overwhelming majority of Tennesseans support this bill. Nevertheless, not everyone is happy with it.

Abortion advocate: "A real slap in the face to pregnant people and dishonor of their role as pregnant people to have sovereignty over their own body."

The bill has passed the senate and the house. If Republican governor Bill Lee signs it, it's slated to become law on July 1. The Courts then would undoubtedly be left to decide it. Court-watchers anticipate this bill as challenging the foundation of Roe v. Wade.

Abortion advocates fear this Tennessee bill could further raise the collective consciousness of the natural humanity, and thus legal personhood, of the preborn child, possibly signaling the beginning of the end of legalized murder in America. 

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