Paternal Oppression

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  April 9, 2021   

Spiritual fathers abusing their children

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The Catholic priesthood is suffering from a homosexual infestation, and it's negatively affecting how people perceive and understand the Church. For the last 20 years, the Church has been known as a haven for pederasts rather than the dispensary of God's grace.

The damage done to souls is incalculable, and it seems like nobody in a position of authority wants to do anything about it. Billions of dollars, many coming from collection baskets, have been paid out as compensation to victims for harm caused by wayward homosexual priests.

Several studies, including the John Jay Report, commissioned in 2004 by the U.S. bishops, revealed the so-called pedophile scandal outed in 2002 that was actually a homosexual priest scandal. This report revealed that 80% of the victims were male, with 90% being post-pubescent.

A follow-up report in 2011 bore similar results, showing 81% of clerical sex abuse victims were boys, with 87% being post-pubescent.

Despite this homosexual priest scandal being the headline, U.S. bishops and the Vatican have both buried it. In 2018, Pope Francis convened a four-day synod to address sex abuse, but the resulting document said nothing about the disproportionate number of homosexual abuses that have occurred.

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Minor boys have not been the only targets of homosexual clerics. The now-defrocked Cdl. Theodore McCarrick — the highest-ranking bishop to ever be sacked for sex abuse — was accused of coercing seminarians and priests into bed with him at his beach house in New Jersey.

After many months of waiting, the Vatican's report on the scandal was finally released but treated McCarrick with kid gloves while now-deceased people like Pope St. John Paul II are blamed for McCarrick's predation.

There is a gay mafia inside the Catholic Church.

In a 2017 interview, Fr. Dariusz Oko — the author of the 2012 blockbuster exposé, With the Pope Against the Homoheresy, spoke of a homosexual mafia.

"There is a gay mafia inside the Catholic Church," he said. "They create these informal unions and they infiltrate the Church."

He went on to note that people with homosexual tendencies do not want to embrace the "warrior mentality." 

"[T]hey will not emulate our Lord as the warrior, as the counter symbol to the prevailing evil," Oko remarked. "They will try to orient the Church to being emotional, to having a dialogue with everybody, turning the Church into a 'safe space.' They don't like battle or confrontation."

But it's this very weakness that's turned away so many from the Catholic Church — the inability for shepherds to admit the truth and teach the truth in the face of opposition. By keeping silent, they continue to victimize their spiritual children.

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