Bishops’ Report: Pedophile Priests Are Typically Homosexual

News: Crisis in the Church
by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  May 26, 2016   

U.S. bishops' report confirms most sex abuse is committed by homosexual priests

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WASHINGTON, DC ( - A recent study by U.S. bishops finds that 81 percent of alleged victims of clerical sex abuse in the United States are male. The same study, released this month, shows that upwards of three-fourths of these victims are post-pubescent.

The "2015 Annual Report - Findings and Recommendations," published last week by the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB), reported on clerical sex abuse using statistics gathered from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. Page 38 of the report shows that of the 314 alleged victims who came forward during this one year period, 81 percent were male and roughly 16 percent were under the age of ten.

Referring to the problem as pedophilia is incorrect, as Newsweek noted in 2002: "The great majority of cases now before the Church involve not pedophilia but 'ephebophilia,' an attraction to post-pubescent youths."

Thus, the abuse isn't pedophilia, as it typically doesn't involve pre-pubescent children; nor is it attributable primarily to a heterosexual clergy preying on females. The evidence in this current report shows the problem of priestly sex abuse stems principally from a homosexual clergy that is attracted to males who've gone through puberty.

This current study also confirms the findings of several previous studies, reported by last December. These studies all conclude the same thing: girls of all ages and prepubescent boys make up a small percentage of the victims of clerical sex abuse. This leads directly to the realization that the current plague of sex abuse involving ordained predators, is rooted in those priests suffering from homosexual attraction.

In 2002, the USCCB's National Review Board elicited the help of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice to study the crisis of priestly sex abuse. Their initial report released in 2004 showed that 80 percent of alleged victims were male and 90 percent were post-pubescent. Their 2011 report posted similar findings. These two USCCB reports from 2004 and 2001 closely correspond to the present 2015 study just released by the USCCB.

Following their 2004 report, the USCCB openly admitted the problem was a result of homosexual priests. They confirmed in 2004 that "80 percent of the abuse at issue was of a homosexual nature." The bishops went so far as to say that "an understanding of the crisis is not possible" without speaking of "the presence of homosexually oriented priests."

The Boston Globe, who in 2002 originally broke the story of clerical sex abuse, immediately discovered the link between priestly sex abuse and a homosexual clergy. In 2003 the Globe reported,

Of the clergy sex abuse cases referred to prosecutors in Eastern Massachusetts, more than 90 percent involve male victims, and the most prominent Boston lawyers for alleged victims of clergy sexual abuse have said that about 95 percent of their clients are male.

Many people are now viewing clerical sex abuse as but a symptom of a far greater illness — namely, a homosexual network of priests protected by gay-friendly bishops.

The current USCCB report found that from 2004 until 2015, ordained sex predators have cost the Church in America some three billion dollars. The report said nothing about how many souls were lost during that same time period.


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