Parents Score Major Victory Against LGBT Agenda in Peru

by Stephen Wynne  •  •  August 31, 2017   

Superior Court rules against Ministry of Education agenda

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LIMA, Peru ( - Fathers in Peru have fought for their children and won.

Aciprensa reported Monday that the Peruvian judiciary has sided with children's advocacy group Fathers in Action in their lawsuit against the country's education ministry's blueprint for teaching gender identity ideology in schools.

In late 2016, the Ministry of Education of Peru introduced its National Curriculum for 2017 without consulting parents. According to the lawsuit, the new curriculum was highly ideological, promoting a gender identity agenda.

Various members of Peru's entertainment and political elite campaigned in support of the curriculum. But in January, the Peruvian Episcopal Conference called on the government to rid the document of "those notions derived from gender ideology." Bishop Javier del Rio of Arequipa even condemned Salvador del Solar, Peru's minister of culture for having "roughly manipulated the Holy Scriptures" to promote the curriculum.

The First Civil Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima agreed, this month issuing Resolution 30, which affirmed the group's position and nullified the ministry's approval of the National Curriculum "with regard to the Gender Equality Approach." Fathers in Action mobilized against the move, accusing officials of violating various constitutional rights, democratic processes and laws governing education and warning the ministry aimed to impose an unscientific approach to sexuality on the country's children.

Fathers in Action spokesman Rodolfo Cotrina praised the judiciary for acting "in accordance with the laws, the Constitution and the procedures," saying "we hoped that that would happen."

"This will serve as a precedent for the State, the Ministry of Education and other agencies," he continued, "when they make a change of approach, comply with the law and respect constitutional rights in this case of parents."

Cotrina demanded the government "stop ideologizing, do not appeal, do not make this longer, do not continue violating the right of parents and please call us to participate as should be done in a democratic society."

Fathers in Action also urged the government to involve parents and civil society "to define an approach to sexuality based on reality, the sciences, the virtues and the culture of life and family that is part of the cultural identity of the majority of Peruvians."

Attorney Juan Puertes of the Antonin Scalia Association, who helped represent Fathers in Action, noted that the ruling represented a victory of the common man over the elite.

"It is not easy to fight against all the state machinery," he observed.

Bishop Javier del Rio of Arequipa

Recently, Peru has seen other battles between advocates of Christian morality and gay and transgender activists. In July, Congressman Richard Arse of "New Peru" introduced a measure to enshrine sexual orientation and gender identity rights into the Constitution.

But the push to overturn traditional morality has been met with opposition from Peru's Christians. In March, 1.5 million Peruvians marched in cities across the nation in protest of gender identity ideology being pushed in schools.

Pope Francis has condemned gender ideology as sin, describing it as "ideological colonization" often financed by "very influential countries."

Approximately 85 percent of Peru's 32 million people adhere to the Faith. Catholicism holds favored status in the country, with Article 50 of its Constitution recognizing the role of the Catholic Church as "an important element in the historical, cultural and moral development of the nation."

In October 2016, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski consecrated Peru to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

"By the authority vested in me," Kuczynski declared, "I make an act of consecration of myself, my family and the Republic of Peru to the love and protection of Almighty God through the intercession of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary."


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